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Hi all,

On the hunt for Eureka 38cl bodies, in particular non streamlined ones in green. Including tender bodies too.

Thanks in advanced,


Hi all,

On the hunt for Lima streamlined 38 bodies. 3801 or 3802, preference towards getting 3801 if possible.


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Hi all,

On the look out for a few things.

A green Austrains C36 tender, any number (3608, 3609, 3633, 3635 or 3642) would be ideal, even more so if from the first run too please.

PSM 38's, a  ...

Hot off the press is the leaked images of the Southern Model Supply (Australian Railway Models) C38 samples. A competitor to the Eureka 38cl?

If the photo doesn't work, this link: ...


I think that the sanders on the locomotive have been totally changed from original configuration. I believe it now has trailing sands on the driving wheels.

Still on the hunt for an Auscision MHN, BCS, RMS and DAM if anyone has any. I'd even be happy to buy a full SA set or trade my Trainbuilder ones for some Auscision cars.



Hi all,

I'm looking for an Auscision MHN, BCS, DAM and an RMS. Livery/era isn't really an issue. I can trade for 4 LAN/NAM's or pay cash.

Kind regards,



So you are happy to ignore the entirely different smokebox and frames?


So, I've had a good look at photos of G1 on line and including my own. There is no doubt in my mind, ...

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