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[quote=s3_gunzel][quote][quote][quote]What do you think about LIBRENMS?[/quote]

It's good. Use it myself.[/quote]

Do you know if there is a mobile device app for this product?[/quote]There isn’t ...

Something has been very wrong with the CSS for the last few days.  I'd get page content but no CSS.

This is the first time it's loaded properly for me in days.

Posted 26 May 2021 22:00 in Victoria by lkernan

Probably meant to link to the post itself:

Although I'm not sure how any of that is relevant to the Murray Basin standardisation.

I love that the 81 is sitting on some Tillig dual gauge flextrack.

Can't wait to see the samples sitting on that inside rail!

[quote=petan]The reason I ask is a bad experience I had with an online group in another game, Trainz. I found when I did Trainz some years ago some 'legends in their own lunch box' imposed their own p ...

With the machines reaching townhall does this mean the boring has completed ?
Unless they hang a 90 degree turn and start metro 2, yes.

On the subject of stabling, Page Bros RV have moved out of Seaford.

That frees up the space to expand Kananook to the originally intended length.

Posted 29 Apr 2021 15:18 in Tasmania by lkernan

ZC might be a future possibility, after all the 1620 gives you a correct mech and probably a lot of moulds already.

Then again, that also opens up the Z and some WAGR units.

In the meantime, I' ...

Posted 29 Apr 2021 09:42 in Tasmania by lkernan

I only know what was posted here:

I'm guessing it's all coming out for the Brisbane Model Railway show this weekend, since SDS is there and the 1620 i ...

Posted 29 Apr 2021 09:15 in Tasmania by lkernan

I assume those are just to demonstrate the liveries and they are the same drawing for all, for example the buffers are shown on all of them.  

My bank account is going to take a hit, I think I want ...

Posted 29 Apr 2021 08:59 in Tasmania by lkernan


(Sorry, I know it's a model thing, but also a massive moment for Tasmanian modelling!)

From the Queensland modellers facebook group

[img]https://scontent.fmel12-1.fna.f ...

[quote=NSW3802][quote]Is that a CPH?

[url=/news/s/truck-flipped-after-collision-with-train-on-tharbogang-railway-line]Truck flipped after collision with train on Tharbogang railway line[/quote]No, ...

So mine arrived tonight and the answer is a 21pin DCC decoder for each end.  

Wow, I thought the N class was Auscisions hardest to open loco.  This one has simple clips like an old Lima model, but  ...

Posted 19 Apr 2021 14:26 in Victoria by lkernan

Chumster looks good out there, but I'm holding out for a preserved Candy XPT trip to Mildura.

Posted 18 Apr 2021 23:21 in New South Wales by lkernan

You might be surprised. The PN Class used Windows XP Embedded! Laughing

It never surprises me where that ends up anymore.  Although it's generally just the front end and the behi ...

That might be a good one for a bargain bin castoff. Wink
Anyone know how many decoders I will need for this thing?  I assume one for the motor car and maybe an fx decoder for the other end?

Well I wasn't going to get one.. till I did.  

Should look good with The Met logos and some silver or aluminium colour paint over those Tangara panels.

Posted 15 Apr 2021 10:43 in New South Wales by lkernan

Well on the plus side, it's come off in a relatively easy spot to get cranes in to.

It's a historic day....

The Tangaras have landed.

I love the East vs West arguments..

Like an imaginary line makes someone in Doncaster or Toorak have the same priorities as someone in Frankston, Beaconsfield or Warrandyte.

Maybe the argument sho ...


More importantly, those W they come with an engine that fails within the first hour, like the prototype did? Maybe the manufacturer could have just made a shell to save ...

Another great show but on by the guys never had such a busy Sunday trading and a first time ever I have come home with the N scale tree with several empty pegs

Glad I  ...

Posted 29 Mar 2021 13:41 in The Lounge by lkernan

Always a good site to keep in the toolkit.

[quote=Lockspike][quote][quote]Thanks for the reply Bingley . I knew someone more in the know than me would reply.

Do you happen to know why 9021 is being stripped ?[/quote]Because they need spare p ...

Thanks for the reply Bingley . I knew someone more in the know than me would reply.

Do you happen to know why 9021 is being stripped ?
Because they need spare parts and they have ...
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