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Posted 28 Jan 2015 23:31 in Australian Miniature Railways by mattrawls

closed down due to insurance

WANTED: Bachmann Thomas the Tank models

pacifically Express Coaches (red or green)

or bulk lot of models wagons and locos

PM me

yeah the builders plates are way too big! and the big grey smokebox....

still need to see the red NA in the flesh reports are the colour is quite off Sad which is a big shame.

Still a great and  ...

Im in for a On30 version too!


O scale Haskell VR Y class

O scale Haskell VR DERM

also can be said with AMK, their NBH kits are fantastic, still hangining for a coupe of NC's

Understandable. But the point I'm making is that the Rolling Stock does not need to be "limited" to just NBH carriages.

I couldn't resist Matt.... Look its a Na with a turbo ha ...

This is great news when I heard it from some guys at Caufield.

At the end of the day, someone is producing RTR Na which seems to be on a high standard and a ver good price. (One can remember the i ...

overall im impressed with the cars but, (i have emailed AM and amwaiting for an response).

My v/line tangerine with green and white stripe D van is missing a complete door locking assembly

My v/ ...

Yes the BRN buffet windows are wrong and should have the sliver bands through them....I wonder how hard it will be to remove the windows and paint the strips on them?

Also for sale:

On30 2-4-4 Outside frame forney DCC with sound $200

On30 2-4-4 Inside frame forney DCC with sound $200

On30 2-4-4 Inside frame forney DCC with sound $190 one door missing

On30 2-8 ...

I have the following for sale:

Austrains VR Ribbed ELX 3 Pack $150

Walthers Doodlebug (easily repainted to a DERM) $100

Powerline VR Ribbed ELX $25

Trainorama vline VCLX $30


postag ...

For Sale:

HOn3 United Brass K-28 2-8-2

asking $600 ONO

Altona Miniature Railway invites you to our 1st Interclub Weekender!

What's an Interclub Run? This is when we invite our friends and fellow live steamers to come and visit our club and have  ...

[quote=Web-eng]Will be bringing the new Baldwin loco over Sammy. See: and possibly my two NEDT wagons: ...

Altona will be having one, Wayne came down to Altona last month and we agreed on a date (which i cant remember) so all the clubs dont clash over the week.

you will I'm sure. 8ft is not short in platform length.
also checkout that rapid prototype guy and his pbr, we may convince more 1:148 stuff if we ask....
[/quote:00c ...

Very Happy
Well once you get back we can get into it! It's going o be a big project lol. Gotta love O scale!
I just purchased 5 NBH kits from Corio last weekend so as long as I can fit a good length train i ...

Nothing new from Austrains except for their M cattle vans, which is abit disappointing, coupling shanks are way to long! Plus M700 features in two of the three packs :S Trainworld had SDS M vans for 1 ...

Well there is VR, V/LINE, v/line pass, Freight Australia, FA with PN decals, El Zorro, EDI Newport, EDI Cardiff and APM off the top of my head.

Correct, bulla hill at Tulla

Over to you D3639


So in theory going my the statement the units could be sent on a ship into international waters.... Thrus leaving Australia and be unloaded at an Australian port for use lol Razz

Hi all,

I'm after the following:

All On30 (On2 1/2) VR PBR Stock

But mainly after built NB (both series), NAB, NBC, NC and NU class vehicles.

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