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For sale 2 auscision 46 class locos

Candy 4607

Candy 4608

Both BNIB, never removed from box. $210 plus Postage  or can pick up in Sydney

Also available FREE is a large quantity of qubelok ...

Long shot but am looking for a Trax 30T painted or unpainted. Please PM me if you have a model you would consider selling.



Slightly off topic, but i think it would be really useful as a "sticky" thread a list of all the paints/brands people have used with success to replicate the colour schemes used in each state. Could e ...

Moderators could you please delete I have re-posted in Sales Section. Apologies

Hi AllI have for sale some model railway DVD's which were purchased for me but ones I already hadThey are the related to the Joe fugate's famous Siskiyou Line "how to" series. Those who know this layo ...

I had the very talented Ian Phemister "DCC" (see his blog for details) the few prized brass locomotives I own which include a 12 class, 17 class, 19 class and 30 class. My skills in DCC are limited to ...

NSWGR_ 5711Hi DrewCan you please post your email address, the PM function does not seem to be working with any replies staying stuck in the outbox.CheersAdam 

This is a long shot but I have exhausted other avenues and my computer is too slow to win on eBay! I am after Stephen Johnson ACM or CR kits. Good money paid for either or both

Please pm me If you  ...

Austrains always have a very comprehensive newsletter, looks as though they along with other manufacturers had a frustrating 2011, hopefully 2012 brings some brighter news. The news on the CW and GSV  ...


I am hoping someone has some Trainorama RU wagons that they would be willing to part with.

I know i can get some through the variety packs they offer however if i get anymore brakevans it wi ...

I apologise if this has been posted before, I did try the search function however could not find an answer.

Is their a standard height of signal gantry's used in NSW? I recently took a photos of th ...

Does the aircompressor have a pressure regulator??

He is based in Yerong creek which is about 30 minutes from Wagga,heading out towards Culcairn, you will need a car.

Only been out to his place once when I lived there, stuff everywhere.Might be bes ...

Growing up in that area i can say that there wasnt. And i go back there every 3 months and besides toyworld not much has changed.

I suggest maybe drop into Price Cuts barbers, on Morgan street off  ...

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