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Granted it is indicative only at this stage, but if this accurate they need to re-think the alignment and location of stations; Monash and Glen Waverley are stupidly located.
Wh ...

Chadstone could be dealt with as a first stage by extending the #3 tram along Waverley Road to East Malvern Station, then through the station carpark and down the urban forest reserve (old outer circl ...

Posted 13 Dec 2019 11:25 in Victoria by megahertz

[quote=YM-Mundrabilla]Jokingly, so a TLA could describe a 2-letter acronym or a 3-letter acronym (or 20 or 30) to the uninformed and iggerant peasant like me. An excellent example of potential confusi ...

Posted 11 Dec 2019 22:09 in Victoria by megahertz

[quote=YM-Mundrabilla][quote][quote]I'll settle for the meaning of WRT.[/quote]

with respect to?[/quote]Thanks Megahertz.

Now no longer ABUA* but an EBA**

(*another bloody unexplained acronym now ...

Posted 11 Dec 2019 09:58 in Victoria by megahertz

I'll settle for the meaning of WRT.

with respect to?

Posted 02 Dec 2019 10:00 in Victoria by megahertz

Some more details from the EOI, which has been released.

6.1.1. Quantity and Vehicle Characteristics:

The Rolling Stock Types and total quantities to be disposed are listed in the following Tabl ...

Posted 22 Nov 2018 19:21 in News by megahertz

42101 A end

Who is bullying who here? All I see is you using undeservingly aggressive language towards someone who disagrees with you.

You have not provided any evidence of your assertion. By yo ...

[quote=TheMeddlingMonk][quote][quote][quote]Whats wrong with sky rail? It looks cool, noise isn't much of an issue I don't think as long as they do something for noise.[/quote]There is nothing wrong ...

"Actuary" and "Production Line Quality Control Technician"

Those are the most boring things I can think of...

Has anyone used the name "Outer Circle" yet?



Bill Shorten likened it too the Outer Circle the morning it was announced when he was being interviewed by Jon Faine on ABC Me ...

There is an update with an extract from "Roundhouse" on the Transport Heritage NSW website ([url=] [url=https ...

Posted 28 Aug 2013 12:30 in Victoria by megahertz

Train hit a tree near Euroa last Friday - sounds like they are now out of locos.

All we need is a short extention of the Alamein line to the centre.

As both myself and others have explained before, it's just not that simple.


My personal response to the above, is to cl ...

Apologies - double post

This is great work!

A minor correction for the Powelltown Tramway as it enters Yarra Junction.  Strange as it sounds, at this point the tramway actually ran down the centre of the Yarra Junction  ...

A section of the exit from East Malvern carpark runs over Waverley Road station site.

Correction : It runs over part of the right of way but not the station site. Waverley Road Station site was  ...

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