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[quote=Onelongwhistle]Wow what a reply. I gather you aren't happy at the sparks. If you are at this stage with them maybe you should be looking at freight.

But then again if you hate prepping trains ...

Posted 16 Jul 2014 12:10 in Melbourne suburban by mission_ridiculous

There's an ill-conceived bar in the way.

It helps us drivers know if it's our train, empty cars are often running late or even turning up early.

[quote=DouglasNardini]Hello !

I am 44 yr old London Underground Driver and my missus is 42 she is also a Driver . We are going to visit Austraiia for the first time in December and are hoping to als ...

What sort of talk? There was a class that started in May and the next class in July have been sent their contracts. Not sure after that.

Sorry, I should re-phrase that because I ma ...

Does anyone here have an upcoming confirmed start date?  Just interested to know because there's a lot of talk at the moment about the future of the training program.

does any one know where i can find a driving qualification sheet or some thing of the sort? thanks Very Happy

Do you just want to know how to get into the profession?

There's a sticky thread for Suburban Disruptions.

Well he was there before the trains, wasn't he????
Not sure if you're being serious or sarcastic, but I don't think he's lived there since the 1880s.

The guy lives between two stations and two level crossings, what does he expect?

[quote=cyniconabike]Anyone know if Metro have a maximum age for new drivers?

Of course I know there is no official maximum age but do they take on trainees over 45 or do they aim for a younger crowd ...

Posted 23 Jul 2013 21:40 in Melbourne suburban by mission_ridiculous

There was another one going through Carrum this morning towards Frankston
Can confirm xtraps are currently undergoing SPOT infrastructure and signal sighting on the Frankston li ...

Posted 04 May 2013 23:40 in Melbourne suburban by mission_ridiculous

Hitachis now only run on the Burnley (Belgrave, Lilydale, Glen Waverley, Alamein) and Clifton Hill (South Morang & Hurstbridge) groups.

The panto is held up by main reservoir air. Pantos lower if you don't have enough air, or if you press a button to lower your local panto, or all of them.

Well I got the call today and will be there on Sunday afternoon. Going to be hard to get the time off though. Anyone else out there in the same boat?
[/quote:64f61a07 ...

Surely they would be prevented from being lowered whilst moving?
[/quote]So you can't lower the pantogra ...

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