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Posted 03 Dec 2015 07:03 in South Australia by mrjones

Are they still planning to transfer some ex southern iron hoppers to NG?

That appears to have been canned for now.

Update of the above

1301 has just been refitted with a  ...

Posted 29 Nov 2015 23:34 in South Australia by mrjones

CK 1 is back on SG isn't it?



Yeah it was backup Hot Metal Shunter for a while. Southern Iron is all SG, there are also 5 GWA class parked up out there, possibly a couple i ...

Posted 29 Nov 2015 18:54 in South Australia by mrjones

An update on the state of play in Whyalla


Rail Shunter GM45

Hot Metal Shunters 901, 903


Ore Shunter CK5 although she has been out of sorts lately and had a few weeks sick leave.

Mainli ...

Posted 12 Apr 2015 21:46 in South Australia by mrjones

Peter, any updates on 1301?

[quote=justapassenger]You do know that the trains from Wirrida (the older siding) to Outer Harbor (or was it to Port Flat?) carrying product from the Prominent Hill copper-gold mine are completely dif ...

Outer Harbour tip pocket was still in use today, and a Wirrida train was unloaded yesterday at the Inner Harbour

Posted 17 Jan 2015 23:05 in South Australia by mrjones

Peter how much work has been done to 1301, I thought it was to be a simple engine swap?

The RSK's have come up nice better than the dirty red they used to be.

It looks like Whyalla may need som ...

Posted 27 Sep 2014 10:36 in South Australia by mrjones

Not sure about Whyalla, but I think the only locos there now are GWNs, CKs and 900s.




904 is paired up with a GWN, 907 is in a triple unit on 'E' rake (RSK ...

Posted 13 May 2014 16:46 in South Australia by mrjones

[quote=pjknife]Quads, quins, now a little sex... 1204 is leading #3AE1 to Cummins today, added in front of 906-902-848-873-859. Seen here departing Port Lincoln with 60 hoppers:

[img]http://www.min ...

Posted 09 Apr 2014 19:57 in South Australia by mrjones

There is a lot of scuttlebutt around work at the moment re a line between Iron Knob and Kimba, whether this means Arrium is looking at Wilcherry again or is looking to share their port and lines I hav ...

Posted 25 Dec 2013 19:34 in South Australia by mrjones

Hi Peter I was in Lincoln Xmas eve and noticed that the excess 830's were no longer on the turntable, do you know where they have gone?

Also good to see the 3 X 830's bringing in a grainy Smile

Posted 30 Oct 2013 06:00 in South Australia by mrjones

I take it that this occurred at Whyalla and that the damaged track is within the balloon loop.

Yes, sorry I should have stated that.

Posted 28 Oct 2013 20:57 in South Australia by mrjones

Happened around midnight Sunday night, door on a wagon mid consist came open on the way into the tip pocket, all wagons bar the last one in front of the trailing locos made it through the product. The ...

Posted 01 Sep 2013 19:44 in South Australia by mrjones

Will there be much running on the Eyre Peninsula this Sunday and Monday?



If you are coming through Whyalla you should try to get a pic of 904 coupled up to a GWN (proba ...

Posted 22 Jun 2013 13:31 in South Australia by mrjones

1301 (DE01) was built in 1956 or 7 so she is nearly a pensioner.

All that horsepower simply means more trucks on a rake the push is on for 60 AHOF's, but the back shunt on the tip pocket will need  ...

Posted 20 Jun 2013 20:21 in South Australia by mrjones

As of this afternoon 901, 847 and 904 were lined up on the EDI parking line no doubt waiting for the low loader to collect them, I'll see if I can get a photo tomorrow.

The GWN's are not fitted fo ...

Posted 17 Jun 2013 17:17 in South Australia by mrjones

902 headed off today no doubt bound for Pt Lincoln, what's the future for the 830's once the 3 or 4 900's arrive? Will we see a 900 on the stony?

Posted 22 Apr 2013 16:58 in South Australia by mrjones

[quote=K-Class][size=2]From the November/December 2012 Motive Power Magazine.[/size]

901 - NG - Whyalla

902 - NG - Whyalla

903 - NG - Whyalla

904 - NG - Whyalla

905 - NG - Port Lincoln

906 - N ...

Posted 11 Apr 2013 20:22 in South Australia by mrjones

[url=] These couple of photos were taken last week GWN001 has since been for a run around the Inner Harbour loop and ran its 2nd train to Iron Duke ...

Posted 02 Apr 2013 21:24 in South Australia by mrjones

The test run has been postponed to Thursday, I'm not sure if I'll be able to get out there to take pics now, fingers crossed.

Most of 830/900's are heading off, 907 will go back to Rail Shunter. I  ...

Posted 28 Mar 2013 08:15 in South Australia by mrjones

For all those interested GWN001 will be out and about for the first time this coming Tues test running on the Iron Knob line, then on Wed will be heading to Iron Duke.
The second GWN was due to arrive ...

[quote="Heath Loxton"]
where do ore trains come from whyalla presently, what mines; iron knob, iron baron, iron duke or just one of them or 2, could u please tell me what ones!!!
[/quote:bf ...

78-1 & 2 were unloaded at EDI today, not sure where they are all going to be stored as the new parking line (which will be an extension of the old ore line and top leg of the triangle) isn't getti ...

had a look out at iron knob on new years day when passing through nothing changed the Triangle is still overgrown, missing pointwork and the formation is undermined in some places. Is the work to reop ...

Just natures way of reducing the human population according to the IQ of the individuals involved.IIRC some years back a derailment occurred out on the Nullabour, During the sorting out of wagon and c ...

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