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It's all the fault of Thomas TTE and freinds, who wrongly teach children that trains are fun and safe to play with.

A whole world of books emerge:

Tank Engine Thomas and the Dark Lord Satan

Jam ...


Grumpy gunzels ahoy  :lol:Don't you have a wall to deface somewhere?

Other point is that it's an inch off being in breach of the whole 'No mention of vandalism' part of this sites ToS.



Seriously, just ignore [insert former username of broke_arrow/ComengSparks/MrSpark/silvertachi here].  

We've seen this p ...

Used to be on Channel 31 down here beforehand.

Ballarat East?

Posted 16 May 2007 14:31 in Melbourne suburban by ninthnotch

Not Canterbury.

NSW preservation provides [url=]this one and [url=]this one.

Both could also pass as soap operas...

Posted 16 May 2007 11:39 in Melbourne suburban by ninthnotch



[url=]Time for Tubby Bye Bye, Jerry, you evil bastard...

Posted 16 May 2007 11:14 in Sightings by ninthnotch

A85-H2 on 9441 down flog very late at appx 23:55 through Armadale.

Posted 16 May 2007 11:08 in Melbourne suburban by ninthnotch

No x 2.

57M-1922T-184M-179M-1977T-129M ran the 10:35 down Lilydale yesterday crossing 88M-1982T-65M-22M-1975T-46M at Glenferrie.

Posted 16 May 2007 09:27 in Melbourne suburban by ninthnotch



The VR 'tramway' at Port Albert?

Aaron and TheBlacksmith: good luck then with that attitude with PROV.

Oh well.

I'll bear that attitude of yours in mind next time someone asks for help from the arena of model railways.

I wish your business the success you offer me.

psr85 has the location, 574M has the siding name.

Taken on a tour to Warragul in 1993 on the former Through Siding on the down side, now removed.

Thread title changed: the main gist of my rant was more to do with co-operation, dthead.

ninthnotch, my first comment is that you seem to be under the misconception that the people making these models are somehow rolling in cash and able to afford to give money to the preservation societi ...

Former McCulloghs Siding, between Seaford and Carrum?

Not Narre Warren.

Should point out that this is a Down train, that's a double track with the Down line closest to me, I'm quite close to a set of catchpoints and it was not a dead-end siding.  Extr ...

No to all.

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