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Posted 30 Apr 2015 16:09 in News by oldghan

[quote=NG/G16 Workshop Progress]At engineering contractors Jack Thompson Engineering, the frames of the 2 engine units are being assembled with fitted bolts. Above, the front engine unit sits on the h ...

This is also a good idea. There are so many great images coming through on the camera streams and especially with the new Albion service.  It would be nice to be able to like your favourite image of t ...

The sooner this feature arrives at Railpage the better.  Wanted to share an image today.  Don't use flickr. Flickr now requires yahoo account.  all too hard.

Posted 30 Apr 2015 16:02 in The Lounge by oldghan

[quote=lsrailfan]What the Indonesian Authorities did to the Families of the 2 was simply disgraceful, they could have kept them in the Buses whilst they went over to the Island, but noooo. they had to ...

This proposal should be considered as part of the inland rail project. if SG was to be built o mount isa and beyond to tennant creek if would provide an alternative connection to and from Darwin to th ...

Posted 30 Apr 2015 15:55 in News by oldghan

[quote=March 2015 Performance results]Yarra Trams had a very busy month requiring hundreds of extra trams to move large crowds to the Grand Prix, Cricket World Cup, Melbourne International Flower & Ga ...

It's not entirely Vline's fault. No bucks = no ballast, so to speak.

Please explain?

Posted 28 Apr 2015 17:45 in Railpage Australia™ by oldghan

MGH Did say he might add it but that's up to him and brian to say.

What is the point of tagging if it does not go into a sighting so you can see where the locomotive ha ...

A wasted battle I would say - surely acronyms are the height of laziness.
bingley hall

The RMS question was a fair one.  Just tried google and it is impossible to work out what it was  ...

This will be interesting?

The train ran and as I have heard passenger services have commenced.  Can anyone here confirm?

Posted 28 Apr 2015 17:38 in Railpage Australia™ by oldghan

The website is extremely slow. Page loads are slow and I am getting lots of unavailable messages. Looking back through the Albion images which are fantastic but it is taking a long time to load.

Do ...

Posted 28 Apr 2015 17:36 in General by oldghan

[quote=bevans]For those of you who are interested, OZ Minerals are in the process of moving their head office from Melbourne to Adelaide. I guess the idea is to be closer to their mining business.[/qu ...

LNP PM's have a strong history of not getting much support from the unionist Mexicans, so probably not too much love lost.

There aren't many Victorians on the federal front b ...

Posted 28 Apr 2015 17:31 in Railpage Australia™ by oldghan

This is due to the radio link having a marginal signal due to where the radio is currently positioned.  Too wet to work on the roof at the present time.

I wanted to say just wha ...

This does not sound good. The problem must have been addressed as the train was recorded traveling through Stawell going at a fast pace as the image is slightly blurred.

[img]https://farm9 ...

[quote=Victorian Government urged to confirm Echuca-Bendigo rail services upgrade]The Victorian Opposition is lobbying the State Government to confirm an upgrade of rail services between Echuca and Be ...

The pictogram incorrectly shows the figure NOT waring a burqua.

This way to Mecca?

Posted 09 Jan 2014 18:28 in News by oldghan

The government is afraid of the CMFEU and the RTBU... Lets leave it there.

Costs of building railways going up!

Do they via Tocumwal ?

The Cobram factory has never had a rail siding (odd) and very unlikely to ever get one.


Never had a siding?  What is the output of the factory a ...

[quote="Some rail man"]Overcrowding like with Metro is also slowing V/line down while single track sections on all lines are restricting the number of services per hour to relive the amount of standin ...

Posted 09 Jan 2014 17:52 in Victoria by oldghan

With the older traffic from Gippsland and metro freight was any of Melbourne Yard wired for electrification and where were the L and E class locomotives serviced?

[quote="Nightfire"]To make It work for MG to use rail for export milk powder from Gippsland to Port of Melbourne.

A warehouse would need to be built at the GIFT at Maryvale, that can be leased to M ...

[Ted Bullpit Mode]Somebody should blow Facebook up![/Ted Bullpit Mode] Mr. Green

Perhaps this approach should be adopted not for Facebook as a whole but for the people run ...

[quote=Deep freeze strands rail, air travelers nationwide]The [url=Amtrak]Amtrak train slowed to a crawl as it hammered through snowdrifts in an empty stretch of Illinois countryside, delivering thuds ...

Posted 09 Jan 2014 07:10 in Railpage Australia™ by oldghan

When attempting to login i forgot my password and in error entered an incorrect one. the screen advising me of this lost its formatting. I tried several times to login using the back key on the browse ...

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