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Only EMU's used on Friday on Cleveland line through Wynnum till 1730........36+44, 30+47.

Only EMU used on Cleveland line Thursday till 1730 was 30+47.

As of 1730 Cleveland line  - no further EMU's in afternoon peak other than those mentioned this morning.

30+47 used on Cleveland line morning peak and throughout the off peak and into the afternoon peak.  43+59 used only in the morning peak returning to Manly empty after a Cannon Hill service to be store ...

45+56 overnighted for a second straight night at Manly before running all day on the Cleveland line.  The only other EMU pair used Tuesday till 1730 was 33+42 used on a single return trip in the early ...

45+56 overnighted Manly on Sunday and ran all day Monday on the Cleveland line till at least 1900.  No other EMU's were used.

Only EMR pair on Cleveland line Sunday.....45+56..

No EMU's in use Cleveland line Saturday.

EMU sightings for Friday at Wynnum till 1645....30+48, 41+55, 40+52, 47+XX.

In contrast to yesterday's marathon, only one EMU sighting at Wynnum till 1700.......49+57 - used all day.  No extras used in morning peak or afternoon peak so far.

EMU sightings at Wynnum for Wednesday till 1640....41+58, 45+56, 30+48, 52+59, 49+57. Looks like the 6 day long combo of 55+57 has been broken up.

Tuesday EMU sightings at Wynnum 55+57 ( 6 days straight ), 38+49.

EMU sightings for Monday at Wynnum...52+59, 35+51, 38+49, and once again 55+57 ( only pair used all day - morning, off peak, afternoon, and also the 5th straight day on the Cleveland line ).

Only EMU's used on Cleveland line Sunday...38+46, 35+51...... 55+57 which was used continuously Friday and Saturday stored in Manly on Sunday.

Only EMU pair used on Cleveland line Saturday...55+57 (Overnighted Manly).  Also 35+51 stored Manly all day Saturday.

Friday EMU sightings at Wynnum till 1730....30+44, 55+57.

EMU sightings at Wynnum for Thursday..38+52, 30+44, 55+57.

Noting an interesting trend the last few days.  EMU's only used in morning and afternoon peaks.  One or two from the evening peaks stay on ...

EMU sightings for Wednesday till 1720, at Wynnum 30+44,  34+59.  Also 121+122.  Like yesterday these were only used in peak times.

Posted 09 Sep 2020 16:35 in Queensland by phil_48

Looks like I guessed correctly. As I live adjacent to Wynnum North station and am affected accordingly, QR dropped the following leaflet in our letterbox...…

[color=#ffffff][size=3][font=Proxima ...

Tuesday EMU sightings at Wynnum till 1700 - only 30+44 which worked morning peak, returned empty to Manly till 1615 then ran empty to City for most likely the evening peak. No others used during dayti ...

EMU sightings at Wynnum for Monday...35+56, 43+46, 34+59.  Also 105+109.  The latter sighting is a rare event in that this pair is being used all day.  Normal visits by 100/120's are usually one offs  ...

Sunday EMU sightings on the Cleveland line.  Only units used...51+58, 35+56.

Posted 06 Sep 2020 15:53 in Queensland by phil_48

I wrote the following in the " General QR City thread " on 2nd Sept.  I think it may answer your questions...…

Since the introduction of the NGR's there have been an increased number of noise com ...

Only EMU set on the Cleveland line for Saturday is 51+58.

They should run the last service of the day, return to Manly overnight and either run again all day Sunday or be stored there till the Mon ...

EMU sightings at Wynnum Friday till 1730... 50+53, 32+55, 34+59.

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