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Posted 14 May 2021 03:35 in Victoria by railblogger

[quote=don_dunstan]Astonished to see the usual suspect hadn't kicked this thread back into life...

Has anyone had a think about towns that might benefit from a 'rail revitalization'? I'll go first ...


[url=/user/43621][b]@don_dunstan[/b] Can't see anyone travelling [b]between[/b] such places unless they are on a tight budget.

It is however possible that many pax will travel [b]to[/b] and [b]from ...

Not to mention the huge cost of ripping up and replacing the tracks.

[quote=712M][quote][color=#000000][size=2][font=Roboto, wf_SegoeUI, ]I believe they also need to touch on their Myki to be passengers. There is no mid-road stop in the free tram zone.[/font][/size][/ ...


Where an occupation closes a section of track that isn't being worked on, would it perhaps be feasible to store trains on the line itself?


[quote=Big J]

If you want to reduce road damage then slow down the trucks to something less than 80 km/h.Why, when the road is designed for 100km/h operations?

As a rail fan, I get despondent wh ...

i can see two big things that haven't been considered yet:

1) Will the line take its original alignment or a brand new one? There are significant advantages and disadvantages of both approaches - l ...

The first thing that would be required is quadruplication between Caulfield and Dandenong to create room for those trains to run through the suburbs.


[url=/user/2][b]@bevans[/b] I worked it out a while back. It's due to the single track north if Kyneton. Any earlier service would collide head on with a peak hour service around Malmsbury.

I think ...



I would be more concerned about that at 2am than at 10:30pm.

Going back to Beech Forest?


It depends entirely on seat design and cabin layout, which aircraft selection doesn't generally influence.

[url=/user/33950][b]@Gman_86[/b] It might avoid those costs, however the flight uses a lot more fuel. It all depends on whether the cost of the extra fuel exceeds the savings associated with not havin ...

[url=/user/71828][b]@mejhammers1[/b] The Class 172s used on the Overground were replaced due to lack of capacity, not design life. They are still in operation in the west Midlands.

Beech Forest?

Meeting online isn't always the best option, particularly if you're going for a holiday or to visit family.

Except that traffic lights only hold traffic for a minute or so each time, whereas for a level crossing it is a complete unknown.

I can see such flights being very popular, particularly among business people (where time is of the essence) and people concerned about passing through a third country post-COVID.

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