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If you guys stop being Gunzels and start being realists for a minute, there are many blatant points just staring you in the face as to why the line should not be reopened.

I mentioned in another t ...

If you guys stop being Gunzels and start being realists for a minute, there are many blatant points just staring you in the face as to why the line should not be reopened.

I mentioned in another t ...

Posted 25 Dec 2008 12:11 in Victoria by rjcas

Some very nice photos there Trent. Nice Work!

Posted 19 Dec 2008 18:27 in Victoria by rjcas

I think you mean EM100.

Unfortunately I don't really know much about it, other than it's a Diesel Hydraulic vehicle from memory. It can test overhead with it's test pantograph. When it comes to tr ...

Posted 19 Dec 2008 18:21 in The Lounge by rjcas

About time someone mentioned this idiot... To our dear friend Winston, guess what buddy... you just earned yourself a foot in front of you next time you come running past.

I can only go by the information I find, ABS link below to Wagga's population, admittedly smaller than Bendigo's but substantial nevertheless. ...

I'm Surprised that no one has actually said the the Albury line will be the next service to resume after Maryborough.... Razz
Smarty pants I know, but someone had to say it.

Posted 01 Dec 2008 17:17 in Victoria by rjcas

Opening the South Gippsland line, that will never happen with the way things are going now.

Why bother, seen the line? not so much condition, given enough work you could fix that, but the geometry? I ...

Posted 27 Nov 2008 11:58 in NT by rjcas

NR74 at LPC (meant to be for 4MA5)

NR75 ex 3AM5 also at LPC.What does LPC mean

Locomotive Provisioning Centre

Someone needs to be accountable for this signal stuffing up as often as it does. Not connex, but someone.

Zeus... at last check, I saw him throwing lightning bolts from the sky....

Posted 24 Nov 2008 12:44 in The Lounge by rjcas

I love Railpage Australia™ because......

A joke could be perfectly funny, then someone try's to add onto it and it looses all funniness!  Laughing

Yes that happened to me... and a certain Moderator ...

Posted 20 Nov 2008 21:54 in Victoria by rjcas

North East Vic.


NR59, AN8, NR46, NR105,

Up, Euroa @3:54pm

Through Seymour at roughly 1635

Posted 16 Nov 2008 22:20 in The Lounge by rjcas

That one turned out nicely.

Posted 12 Nov 2008 11:18 in Victoria by rjcas

If they have a P at each end they dont have to perform run arounds.

The issue at Kyneton relates to the lack of lighting in the area, not so much the yard track. So your idea of using P's really does ...

Many thanks to all those who've posted photos, videos and stories of the day. I would very much have liked to be there, but organising a journey halfway round the world and back wasn't really an optio ...

Posted 10 Nov 2008 22:44 in Victoria by rjcas

Has the last BG freight run?

We went on the last Fri down/Sat up service and due to the lovely rain got very wet and did not get much chance to check out what was at the coal sidings and the station  ...

I would like to add, thanks to the gunzels that helped SRHC staff celebrate the end of an era, a great night (well...morning) was had by all, even the pikers Razz

and the huggers of da bowl...

And tho ...

Posted 10 Nov 2008 17:56 in The Lounge by rjcas

We kidnapped your beloved Raichase... Showed him one of our heritage trains, got him drunk and at last check, he was on the XPT back to Texas

Didn't he mention something about us Mexicans kicking sme ...

Posted 10 Nov 2008 12:20 in The Lounge by rjcas

Most people who attended the RVR trip, including those berluddy Victorians...

Plus a few others I've probably forgotten..

Us Victorians have a sense of humour... we are a comedy act, you know brea ...

You might have me confused with someone else - I travelled in the Parlour Car most of the trip? I was very well behaved after the trip - went straight home. Despite a few of us seeing the log train as ...

Was an excellent day and I had a fantastic time. Caught up with a few mates I hadn't seen for years and managed to meet a heap of Railpagers for the first time: Lowndes515, Hansonator, Trainfreak, VLo ...

I'll be down from Adelaide for this too......Cant wait Smile

Making the effort, thats what I like to see!

Posted 01 Nov 2008 23:27 in Preservation and Tourist Railways by rjcas

341 is still a work in progress, not much has been done to it as of late due to a few other projects having to be fast tracked. At last check, the windows have been ordered and are awaiting delivery a ...

Posted 30 Oct 2008 20:07 in Victoria by rjcas


There is already another thread in Preservation and Tourist Railways regarding this, rumour has it that the Jumbo (442 class) and either the 45 or the 44.

Looks like another great trip will be spoiled by the use of a V/Line 'N' yet again.

Here we go again....

Read that please... end of argument.

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