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Cheers mate, I won't lol. Just have to apply to any job to get my foot in the door!!

Has anyone heard anything about a new intake??   Must be doing a lot of internal courses, never seem to recruit externally. Sydney and Adelaide are hurry up QR!!!

Cheers for the info rook.  Just out of interest,  how do you know about qr needing 200 drivers??   I've wrote to them a few times and just get the unhelpful quote....we employ drivers when the busines ...

Expost.  Thanks for info. Is that for Queensland rail??

Cheers for the info guys.  Getting the impression qr won't be recruiting drivers internally or externally for some time.  Does anyone know any differently??  Have tried their hr department but got the ...

Does anyone know when qr are recruiting for trainee drivers, guards, shunters...any position to get my foot in the door.  Hoping to apply for driver in future, willing to do anything lol....any info w ...

Search found 6 matches

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