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Routinely? None. Doesn’t change the fact that it’s a permissible station for a termination, and happens when it needs to - say, when a train is late - so while you’re all pissing out your fantas ...

You do not terminate at Glenfield Transtopic.
Please feel free to inform Sydney Trains of this given they absolutely do terminate trains at Glenfield.

Your assertion that y ...

[quote=AheadMatthewawsome]There are unconfirmed reports that I am aware of that W3 would be back in 2020 for the Transport Heritage Expo. It is more sounding unlikely, but they should have her back ve ...

So while it is possible, it is not viable without disruption.

I do wonder if it's viable to make them high-speed crossovers. That would assist matters immensely.

[quote=simstrain]If your worried about T9 running all stations from Strathfield to Redfern don't be. There is no viable way of getting T9 from the suburbans to the locals without causing issues and a ...

There will be no new electrification.

Posted 19 Jan 2020 14:33 in News by s3_gunzel

[quote=simstrain][quote]After driving my ATP enabled train today, thanks to the union backed ATP training, I remain confused.

The RTBU has supported ATP. Perhaps less time spreading misinformation ...

This will certainly be a help to people who are spotting trains on the Sydney Trains / NSW TrainLink network and are struggling to identify a particular set.
Nichole the Otter
Why anyone ...

[quote=justapassenger]Speaking of the human operation, the report is not good reading for the guard. Twice the train went over the maximum line speed without any intervention, he gave an early departu ...

Posted 26 Dec 2019 09:16 in Sydney Suburban by s3_gunzel

That’s a side benefit, yes - but again, could be done without adding new features (CCTV, PIDs, etc) to the trains.

They want CCTV. It’s a handy thing to have on a train they intend to run for  ...

The automated booking system will not book anyone in that seat automatically unless the car is full. You can phone up and explicitly request it.

Source: Travel to CBR frequently and have never had ...

Posted 17 Dec 2019 14:01 in Sydney Suburban by s3_gunzel

Well, that does depend if the upgrades happen. Only two sets that I know of that will last for the projected 10+ years are T106 and T72

Only reason TTU is happen ...

I have Autism, so I need to make sure about the staff, how loud and busy each class is like, disabled toilets, etc.

First class, seat A 01.

You're welcome.

Are these trains being delivered out of order too? The photo included in that article shows that the set is D103.
Sydney Metro Vlogs

Probably the warehouse's number of the train, pro ...

Posted 26 Nov 2019 14:13 in Sydney Suburban by s3_gunzel

[quote=SupremeLeaderSmeagol]Impossible - passenger conveyance is not allowed. If you don't believe me, is the TOC ...

[quote=AheadMatthewawsome]They did sell a lot of the S Sets when they were originally retiring back in 2012. They will most likely do the same with the V Sets and take a few to preservation with SETS ...

[quote=Driver1979]Hi all - so was reading this thread and saw that apparently Tangara sets don’t’ have cctv cameras? When I catch one every morning the sign above the sat is says they do although ...

I agree that the metro shouldn't be used as a capacity replacement for the T1 but this Government thinks it will be and isn't spending on expanding the current network.
It's no ...

Also, a major change was that the trailer cars had the driving cabs, not the motor cars.

Only 4 trailers had cabs on the K Sets; the rest were on the motor control (C) cars.

The issue isn’t that they don’t care about the electrics it’s that, even at Chullora, there’s only limited room.

[quote=Colonel Leon]It would be great if it was a chopper set. Of course, people like all the distinctive features that are found across all v sets, however the chopper sets have some more distinctive ...

Also take in to account that the new LRV's will have batteries so don't count out light rail still going to clyde.

Please no.

Fonts that do not exist.

Posted 04 Oct 2019 15:17 in Sydney Suburban by s3_gunzel

PA should be changed. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Depends if they've changed the actual speakers out. May or may not have happened.

Posted 04 Oct 2019 13:06 in Sydney Suburban by s3_gunzel

Apparently they are putting ads on the PIDs.
Sydney Metro Vlogs

Capability doesn't mean effect.

For example, and here's where you're wrong, the B Sets have exactly the same; the  ...

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