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Long time no post in 7 years.

Although this is very old news from early 2016. However I thought I'd share here too that my prototype Australian Railway Level Crossing pack for 'EXPERIENCE ROUTE BUI ...

Bevan,Not only do I enjoy watching the great footages you record. That is a proud historic capture. Very Happy  Teriffic Footage mate. 8)Cheers,Josh

Sorry for call you Josh, Billy. :oops:Mistakes happen, Marek. But it's all cool, and Billy. Thanks for being able to ask the question for me in my behalf. I was able to get it configured with good tha ...

Posted 29 Nov 2011 13:52 in The Lounge by savy3801

I love the "Imma not afraid of you!" 'tards. They're much more fun.  Especially when their command of written English is as utterly dire as Derpy3801's is.

See, ol Derpy3801 here spends an awful lo ...

Posted 28 Nov 2011 01:19 in The Lounge by savy3801

Rolling Eyes Ok, I think this off-topic comments has gone LOOONG enough. so far earlier had PM a couple of people already this morning to properly clarify my earlier post.

To get back to topic  about P ...

Posted 27 Nov 2011 23:49 in The Lounge by savy3801

There's nothing funnier than being a twat about someone's race and religion as well as demonstrating a stunning amount of utter stupidity. savy3801, your pointy hood's in the mail.  You deserve it.


Posted 27 Nov 2011 20:52 in The Lounge by savy3801

I remember getting a phone call from some "Hindu" guy claiming to be from Microsft ... Just said Back "Yeah right. Rolling Eyes Asking for my Credit Card and banking details so you can raid into my mo ...

Posted 27 Nov 2011 16:54 in The Lounge by savy3801

teh, This is rather interesting on this topic. I remember getting a phone call from some "Hindu" guy claiming to be from Microsft stating thinking my computer was detected sending viruses to everyone' ...

Posted 27 Nov 2011 07:25 in The Lounge by savy3801

42101 banned, ouch! Deserved it though, is too harsh on any newcomers.

Yeah saw that before. Apparently got into abit of an argument with bevans over information about the derailment in the Melbour ...

Posted 26 Nov 2011 02:00 in New South Wales by savy3801

Just a shot but I'm going to say Cootamundra.  8)

Posted 13 Nov 2011 19:48 in New South Wales by savy3801

G'day Billy.

I've googled searched online the colour for the Heritage NSW Stations. Relating to NSWRcars comment. The 2 closest colours that resemblance the NSW Railway station are ether "Heritage  ...

Best to report the user to a Railpage Staff, fellas. afterwards, delete the Private message.



Posted 09 Nov 2011 18:55 in The Lounge by savy3801

Freaking BOOOM cats all huddled under table,footstool and my chair as i type.

Well it stopped for a bit and now it started to piss down again as I type. Hopefully not as big as before.

Posted 09 Nov 2011 18:35 in The Lounge by savy3801

We're Copping something Hyronic now Greg, The rain and wind is soo strong now mate that It sounds like a freight train is roaring pass non stop.  Shocked
TV's starting to drop reception to the wea ...

Posted 09 Nov 2011 10:58 in The Lounge by savy3801

As of now. Henty's got a few showers now. Once the showers has eased up, I'll check how much "mm" of rain has hit here.

Keep up to date, gang.  8)



Well, they do end up selling very quick. Like they say, The early bird gets the worm.  Wink  They don't say "get them before it's too late!" for nothing.  Very Happy


Mate, all I have to do is just delete SPAM Private Messages like that from my inbox.. Only option I have to do, If he continues to send more Spam to your Inbox here in the same related thing repeative ...


Just a suggestion if anyone is interested to wanting to see live video coverage, Did you maybe had in mind to maybe create aLivestream account and use Livestream Prodcaster and use one of th ...

Top Photos Mate.  Very Happy  I reckon they are pheominal in my books.  8)

Well the last footage taken tonight. But It was a bummer it didn't stop as the timetable showed. But nonethless, It sure is a goo ...

Hoping to be there on Sunday. just hoping. Smile

Well 2 of 2 Clips . and this clip was very unexpected. the Aurora switched to the loop line here and stopped to allow 2MB7 to go through.

[youtube][/youtub ...

1 of the 2 clips from tonight, this one 6L64 to Wagga before it comes back as 6L65 to Melbourne for the cup.

Here you go guys. Footage from this Morning. Very Happy and almost 10 minutes late too. Confused



Just passed Henty 20 minutes ago. And in the process of Uploading the footage to Youtube. since it's in 1080 HD quality it'll take a bit over an hour to upload. I'll post the link when it's finish upl ...

G'day 080900,  8)

A big hat off to you mate. thanks for getting the shot. I'll have a couple of photosnaps in the morning for yous to see.  Smile
No.2 End 44 will be something to see

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