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Bombardier have been give 12 months to design a 2 body E-class, as opposed to a 3 body E-class. I suspect they are ready for a "tender" process as they are ready to unveil.

Traditional E-Class cannot ...

This is a bit of a fav topic of mine, firstly was never about increase in rail traffic, no changes to track, signalling, rollingstock or staff....just a political comment which was never addressed. Tr ...

The Rail Transport subsidy has increased from $33m pa to $51m pa yet no cattle trains till now, any ideas what else it is used for?

we received a letter from DoTMR... i will try and copy in

DoTMR has decided against awarding new contracts for cattle and regional freight....

Regional Rail Transport Services Contract

Livestock Transport Services Contract

Aurizon have said they are handing back at least the RRTSC (northweststar yesterday) on dec 17 when both RRTSC & LTSC expire. trouble is PN/Linfox dont get control till end FY18 so appears they are no ...

Search found 8 matches

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