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Good to see the VR R class after all these years.

I ask the question - where is the NSWR 40 class?

It would be good if you could pre-pay for the tickets instead of lining up in the long queues on Saturday or Sunday.

Link has been updated in last post as it wasn't working for some odd reason

Big update in our News / latest news section covering the opening day from September 7 2013 and the unveiling of the new GHR logo for the project. See more at

Gundagai Heritage Railway has today released an exclusive historical insight to how Gundagai railway station and yard once functioned. During last few months we have been able to interview and record  ...

Dear All

Please be advised that there is an Open Day at Gundagai Railway Station this Saturday 7th September (we realise this day is the same day as the Federal Election but we booked it first!)


How do your kits compare to Models N More kits, [url=]

In order:

1. Overhead luggage racks

2. Foot rests

3. Foot warmers

4. More comfortable seating

5. More quiet carriages

According to the NSW Budget Estimates 2013-2014, which was held yesterday,

I cant implore more strongly enough the threat of these overzealous Railtrail people to the preservation of rail lines in NSW.

According to information posted on their Facebook site, they have been ...

I see there is an interesting story in the latest Railway Digest, August 2013, on Gundagai Heritage Railway. Well worth a read!

Here is the link to the Gundagai Feasibility Study for a Rail Trail, [url=] ...

The rail trail proposal for Gundagai has been approved for 5 years by the local council. It was approved by the former councillors but moves are afoot to hopefully redress this situation.

In other ...

Links have been uploaded previously but for some unknown reason a certain RP moderator keeps deleting any reference to the site.

The GHR does contain other rail enthusiasts apart from my esteemed  ...

Posted 17 Jun 2013 12:57 in Railpage Australia™ by tranx

STB has gone ...Thats a shame.

I don't have the book yet but is it this type of vehicle?

[url=][img] ...

I was wondering whether anyone has some pix of the show? I would have gone as part of an exhibitor's stand but not this year.

I empathise with the family.

Recently, I purchased from ebay a photo album containing some wonderful shots from a railway enthusiast who had sadly passed away. Unfortunately, the seller (family) wo ...

Its a pity the collection wasn't offered to the ARHS or the National Library, for the benefit of all, rather than a select few.

Posted 23 May 2013 22:40 in New South Wales by tranx

I have found this picture on the City of Lake Macquarie's website. It is definitely Wyee SM's cottage, [url=] ...

[quote=dthead]Actually any trouble with food I'd take out of the exhibition critique, why? "surly they csn improve" - I think not.

I feel they are captive to the venue's rules and choice just as San ...

The food prices were absolute rip off eg $5 for small coke bottle, $6 for piece of cake, $9 for hamburger. No discounts for exhibitors. Admittedly it's better than last years hot dogs but still......

[quote=David Peters]Another one I got sent a link to that could possibly do with some help as well.

[url=][color=#3b5998][size=1][font=lucida grande' ...

Need a fully decorated body...have emailed AR Kits several times over 10 months but received no reply.

So, does anyone else have one for sale please?


I have two for sale and ...

I am not sure if this is the appropriate place to put a wanted request but I am after photos of the overhead catenary on the Main South from Granville to Liverpool and the Regents Park Line from Lidco ...

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