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Looks like Welshpool - though much closer than when I last saw that station.

I should have said open floor, which is the usual response from a quiz winner who has nothing to post. Next up, as in whoever out there has a pic to post, can do so. First in, best dressed, etc

The indicator/wrought iron quite familiar to me, since I am used to seeing them a metre or two from my cab Smile
Nothing to post up!

There's three other possibilities I think, all on the Illawarra/T4 line. Like Sydenham, stations dating back to the Whitton era.

The position of the guard's indicator & the lacy wrought iron next t ...

Photo won't load for me - though I hope it does for other people.

The photo is gone now. Should I put up a photo?
Sydney Metro Vlogs
...and it's probably not coming back. Your golden opportunity, I'd say Arrow

Yes, this is all very well....but.

Just how long is a piece of string, then? Razz

[quote=GrahamH]The Starter is clear 5915, it is indeed Texas.

My other rail photos from that afternoon. [url=] ...

OK then Ethan1395. Now you've completely tested this of course, haven't you? Ridden round on all the V-sets going west & north all through the week (weekends too) to be able to accurately claim that

On a sticker on a ute I saw "Bum Widths" used as a unit of measure. No, I can't post the context here... Embarassed
....which beggars the question: how many pickhandles make up a  ...

Woolamai, perhaps?

So nice to see the Archaeology Wherizzit Thread alive and well. With Participants, even Very Happy

I'll bite.

Sydenham (Meeks Rd) some years back? There were some graffed rattlers near the junction just near Tempe, but those ones aren't there now.

The Jibster may be onto something here.

Near Tarrawingee?

I'll have a WSITD with East Camberwell.

Ta jibbo, nothing handy at present.

Next contender, up to the plate, please Arrow

Hmm. I'll cast my initial quoit at Mt. Horeb.

Scratch my earlier guess of Glen Innes in favour of Grenfell.

Reminds me of Glen Innes in tider times.

Bit lazy of me to lunge for similar areas to the previous; but for now my vote goes to Oaklands.

CuzRodo send me a wire or I'll send one to you, much catching up to do...........

Posted 29 May 2016 14:19 in Sydney Suburban by wurx

Over two-thousand men and woman were employed to work at the factory on a daily basis.
The paternal wurxgrandad was one of these Cool

[quote=Jason Sutherland][quote]The inner rails are most definately guard rails. Guard rails are used to keep derailed wheels in line with the track at locations where a wayward excursion into the dirt ...

[quote=Sammy D]Sovereign Hill does have a railway. "The Mine Tram" offers a tour underground.

I think from Memory it is 2 foot gauge.

Here is a video ...

Re Sovereign Hill, I'm inclined to think that Valvegear has the right of it.

It doesn't really seem to need one; and where, without disturbing overmuch the current set-up, could one be put?

And  ...

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