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  Paradise Locomotive Driver


a zap from an old car coil is a shocker shure, unpleasant but not fatal to the healthy BUT a lot of coils on modern engines give a real HUGE belt and can be !

The average commodore is one for instance.

BE CAREFUL - Dr Frankenstein !


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  Paradise Locomotive Driver

Hava a read

Is that real ?

Tesla coil will get the big jobs done !

Could attach an old 'Harry Belefonte' LP record to a cordless drill and charge it up to one side on an sheepskin slipper (stinkyness optional) then hold record over previously applied flock to make stand up, then hairspray - Same as polystyreen example but easier to charge up each time - Good luck !

  Maikha Moderator Not a gunzel

The trackside scene pic above I'm guessing isn't real, but looks quite well to be!
  Aaron The Ghost of George Stephenson

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Ahhh yes a Tesla coil... Now you're speaking my language!
  Paradise Locomotive Driver

Sorry about the FATSO thread, pics larger than I thought.  Sad

  Poath Junction Chief Commissioner

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Some very nice static grass effects can be found on pages 2 & 3 of the following forum
  Electra Chief Commissioner

I hate mats,  as they produce to me a uniform flat as a pancake surface. might be good for simulating a tennis court or a bowling green, parhaps a golf hole.

There was a "build it yourself" article in the first issue of I think branchline modeller(or is it Austraklian Railway Journal?). My impression is it is not worth it, the do it yourself article does warn those of  delicate hearts that one could get zapped by the makeshift device.  Enough said I think !

David Head

It was in the first issue of "Branchline Modeller", published in 1994. [After Issue No.4, the name was changed to "Australian Journal of Railway Modelling"].
  Poath Junction Chief Commissioner

Location: In front of a computer most of the time.
A homemade staic grass applicator in action. The related scenery DVD is due out shortly

Don't forget to check out his other vids at
  Poath Junction Chief Commissioner

Location: In front of a computer most of the time.
More static grass 'how to" info:

This page is well worth translating to english as it gives some technical details on how the aplicators work and why they all have pro's and con's. For those who'd like an english translation use and pop the URL in the page translate section and select "german to english" translation.

And if you still think static grass is too much trouble check out as it proves once and for all grass mats when used properly look damn good! Also helps that they're using the modern style mats instead of those ones that came out 20+ years ago. English version of the page is again just as simple as using the translator.

Here's the results using just 2 different grass mats, the webpage above shows step by step how it was done.
  73LJWhiteSL Deputy Commissioner

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There some good links in there. 8)

For those among you looking for the ultimate cheap route (as if buying the static grass is cheap  Rolling Eyes ) I have had resonable results using a Coke bottle to apply the grass. Sure it doesn't stand dead straight upright but its not bad. Rolling Eyes

  sunnysa Junior Train Controller

Hi all, DCC concepts in WA is marketing a grass product called Master Scene.
Thin layer of white glue, sprinkle grass, vigorously rub piece of PVC pipe or similar in nylon/silk material and wave over(closely) grass. Believe it or not 90+% of grass will stand up. I have tried it.
  alantrains Train Controller

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Well I've built a grassinator
using a negative ion generator ($12.Oatley Electronics)
plastic sugar container (donated by domestic manager)
wire gauze ($2 sieve at Crazy Clarks)
a bit of tubing off a garden light ($5.95 at Bunnings and I got to use the light in another project)
Some hot glue to glue the gauze onto the lid of the sugar container and a couple of PK screws.

Hardly an electronics project as the negative ion generator is a sealed 3 wire device. (- 12 volts input, 0 Volts common and 8,000 volts output) Connect the 8,000 volt lead to the wire gauze (while the power is off) , put some grass fibres in the sugar container and close the lid. Apply the glue/paint to the baseboard/scenery, put a common connection to the glue/paint and connect 12 volts to the grassinator.
Shake the whole thing about 24mm to 35mm above the glue/paint and watch your grass grow!
Works a treat! and for less than $20.
  alantrains Train Controller

Location: Brisbane Qld
Here's some photos.
The Grassinator complete with some examples of what it can do. (can't get much better close ups with my camera sorry,

The lid and gauze ready to be glued together

The negative ion generator in the handle. The white wire has the bities

  alantrains Train Controller

Location: Brisbane Qld
here's a better attempt at showing the results. I used some acrylic paint on blue foam

You can see the grass not on the paint has fallen down whereas most of the grass on the paint is standing up. I tried a second layer using spray glue from the craft shop and it seems to work OK too.

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