North East Line to Standard Gauge

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As we no longer owe farmers a living they can work out how best to get their product to market. If they have to receive the benefit of subsidised freight rates to stay in business it is not in the taxpayers interest to continue funding their life style when grain etc can be grown in other areas at no cost to the tax payer.


Where do you think the majority of the 4000 tons of food comes from that Melbourne consumes per day (and with the supermarkets squeezing the farmers for all they can). As I said in a previous post the city and the country do NOT exist in isolation.

There would be plenty of people who would LOVE to know where one could grow grain without problems. It would be safe to say all areas that can grow grain currently are growing grain.

If the rural areas disappeared tomorrow Melbourne would be depopulated within a year.


Just ignore it mate its nothing more than a high order troll.

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  YM-Mundrabilla Minister for Railways

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Last week I did a tour of the project area from Seymour to Albury and I came to the conclusion during this tour I had completed the task in which I came to Railpage Australia™ for so I have decided now to sign off. I have spent a great deal of time an effort over the past 2 years an 5 months keeping an eye on the project and it has been most interesting but it is now time to get on with my other interests.

As I have previously stated I have kept an eye on the project for my own interest but i have been reporting it so as at least one rail project would get some kind of quality description. Given the amount of good feedback I have been getting it is rare to do something that apparently turns out so sucsessfull so in the end Woodford is pleased, but it is time I got off this train.

I wish to thank all people who have said positive things about the posts it made a great deal of difference. I would also like to thank Railpage Australia™ for providing a forum that has little (sadly not none) antisocial activity on the forums.

I did not know I was voted the most informative poster (I think) until someone pointed this out on the forums only a short while ago. The posting was done to try and get as good a description of the project as I could with no intention of recieving any reward apart from personal satisfaction.


When VLine recommences service (one must be optimistic) I will do trip from one end of the line to the other. This will likely be drive down to Seymour a Train to Melbourne then the Albury train. I would prefer to start in Albury but the only time of year it covers the line in both directions in daylight is the week or so before daylight savings start.

This is not an Aprils fools exerscise,
Wishing all well, Goodbye all,

Thanks Woodford.
You have provided a timely, thorough and reliable history of this project for which we should all be grateful.
It is not often that we get reports of this quality so consistently and they are all the more impressive as, try to avoid it as we may, all we seem to get from most sources these days is spin, c r a p or both.
  dkaarma Chief Train Controller

Last week ....
This is not an Aprils fools exerscise,
Wishing all well, Goodbye all,

Thanks Woodford.
You have provided a timely, thorough and reliable history of this project for which we should all be grateful.
It is not often that we get reports of this quality so consistently and they are all the more impressive as


Thanks for the brilliant reporting Woodford. I can't wait to see a V/line set at Albury station. It's been far too long!
  The Vinelander Minister for Railways

Location: Ballan, Victoria on the Ballarat RFR Line
As a long standing contributor to Railpage, I would like to thank Woodford for all the good work he's provided over the last 2 years.

  Rodo Chief Commissioner

Location: Southern Riverina
Woodford has been an excellent source of information on this project, unlike some who have veered more toward dis-information.
  UP9372 Assistant Commissioner

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You all might recall he announced some ago that he was not going post anything more about the project as it was essentially complete. But then came along the bog holes etc and he continued to provide first class updates until now. Thank you very much Woodford.
  Hairyman Chief Train Controller

Location: Corowa, NSW, Australia

Thank you for taking the time to firstly gather all of the information that you have and generously posting it to this site for the rest of us to read. You have been a great resource to this forum and it is sad to see you go.


  mikesyd Chief Commissioner

Location: Lurking
Thanks Woodford - its been a long trip, but finally complete.

Perhaps the Moderators should now consider locking this thread given that its original intent has now been satisfied. Woodford has signed off, so the job must have been done!!! There is the post conversion thread (started by Woodford) at the URL below:
  richiebogie Chief Train Controller

Hi Woodford, sad to hear you are announcing your departure again.

Do you or does someone else know if all of the SG platform work is finished? ie Broadmeadows Wodonga etc...?

It would be nice if the XPT started using Seymour...
  perwaynut Deputy Commissioner

Location: In the Land of the Mighty Hawks, and our favourite footy President Jeff
It's really not too often,
that one is bloody smote,
by the crazy words and stories,
of the strange country bloke.

But out jumped this 'ere Woodford,
happy as can be,
began plying his word craft,
no rest for silly thee.

Up and down the North East,
rain, hail or stink'n 'ot shine,
providing what's that, here's and wherefore's,
from all over the line,

Now his tale is over,
sort'a sad to see,
but don't you worry now cobber,
his words ain't cost no tree.
  thewanderer Station Master

Whatever happened to branch lines and private sidings sending various numbers of loaded wagons to nearby marshalling yards to get made up into trains which would then tootle off to locations far and wide? Oh, that's right, the road lobby asserted its opposition to common sense and practicality!
  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Thread Locked.  And that as they say is that.
  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Perhaps a survey summarising our thoughts might be in order?


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