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  Biggmac Beginner

Location: Ascot Vale, Victoria
Pennsylvania RR, HO scale, large unique collection being sold from deceased estate. Ideal as model railway club alternate rolling stock display scheme.

Engines 203, coaches 78, rolling stock 350, tenders 5, Truck trailer containers 15, assorted buildings need work and a turntable with engine sheds.

Rolling stock all unique road numbers. No track.
Engines from steam to electric with a few brass models.
Many items with original box.

For sale $27,500 plus any packing and cartage (prefer pick up). List of items available. This is approximately 10% of new price.

Plus: Large timber bookshelf (3 bays wide) for display (now in flat-pack for storage) with instruction for easy assembly. $1,000 pick up.

PM any interest, or recommendations for alternative sale mechanism. If no interest in a reasonable period then will consider attaching a link for the list of items to sell individual items.

Cheers Biggmac

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  GJSchulz Beginner

FOR SALE;  STEAM ERA MODELS, Victorian Bogies. XSC, 4 sets, new in original packets. $38.00 plus post.
PM or phone Glenn 0437 724 550.
Silver or Black Springs bogies?
  GT46C-ACe Assistant Commissioner

Location: Sydney, NSW

Auscision V/Line Passenger P17 for sale.
Model is brand new and has only sat on a shelf. Selling as I need the money more....
$200, postage included. Can do bank or paypal.
  Gremlin Assistant Commissioner

Changing to N and G scale, so all my Australian HO is no longer needed.  There is a spreadsheet at!AkQhpigghOJthB1NwP3m7FOsUtxe that is "live" and contains the items for sale.  Most items are new in box, never run.

If the items are marked as on eBay, then they are only available on eBay.  Spreadsheet contains asking price (fixed) and item details.  If the item line is RED, then it is sold and also shows the sold price and if sold on eBay.  If nothing is in the eBay column and the line is not RED, then the item is still available at the price show.  All items when listed on eBay are listed at the price shown in the spreadsheet; all eBay sales are for higher prices than buying direct.

Hope there is something that interests you...
  brissim Chief Train Controller

Getting out of HO. NSW HO Items for sale. Mainly Auscision with some Eureka. All currently sold out on their respective websites (although not entirely sure about the Eureka items). Prices being asked are the currently listed price of the manufacturers. If required, postage is extra at cost. Location is Brisbane.

Some motorised items test run, the rest in mint condition.

1.  Auscision NSW XPT - SRA Red "candy" Livery - 7 car Set - Item XPT-1   -   $1,200  SOLD

2.  Auscision NSW XPT - SRA CountryLink Livery - 7 car Set - Item XPT-3   -   Withdrawn from sale

3.  Auscision NSW XPT - SRA CountryLink Livery - 2 car add-on Set - Item XPT-12   -   $300  SOLD

4.  Auscision NSW V Set - 4 Car Set - SRA Candy Livery ; Red/Orange L7 - Set V16 - NPS-40   -   $695  SOLD

5.  Auscision NSW V Set - 4 Car Set - SRA Candy Livery ; Blue/Yellow L7 - Set V31 - NPS-41   -   Withdrawn from sale

6.  Auscision NSW V Set - 4 Car Set - SRA Candy Livery ; Blue/Yellow L7 - Set V32 - NPS-42   -   $695  SOLD

7.  Auscision NSW RUB Set - 6 Car Set No 141 - Indian Red with two yellow bands - NPS-23   -   Going to eBay

8.  Auscision NSW RUB Set - 2 Car add-on set - Indian Red with two yellow bands - NPS-24   -   Going to eBay

9.  Eureka NSW HUB Set - 5 Car Set No 118 - Light Indian Red with two belt lines - Pack 4   -   $600  SOLD

10. Eureka NSW HUB Set - 2 car add-on set - Light Indian Red with two belt lines   -   $240  SOLD

11. Eureka NSW HUB Set - 5 Car Set - Candy - Pack 7   -   $600  SOLD

Preferred payment method is Direct Deposit. Items sent after payment confirmed. Please PM if interested. If not sold here, will go to eBay.

  SaltyDog Station Staff

LJ Models Card Kits LifeLike KFC

I have the following kits that are surplus to my requirements:

2 x LJ Models V 29 Terrace house kits   (3 Terrace houses to a pack)  1 opened but complete, 1 unopened   $20.00 each

1 MRC Resin VHO kit comprises roof, floor, sides, ends, underbody detail.  Unmade Instructions included. Very Rare!


Superquick    Cinema, Post Office and Shop - Low Relief   $10.00    Unopened

LifeLike KFC Plastic Kit   $20.00    Unopened

Postage and Packaging at cost.
  BrettHalliwell Beginner

Victorian railways IZ open wagons c/w removable coal loads , Steam era kits , well made , painted SEM red and dullcoted.
weighted to 55 grams , Kadee couplers fitted $58 each . 4 available. Located Ballarat pickup and postage available.

  BrettHalliwell Beginner

Victorian railways UB vans , Steam era models , well made , Kadee couplers fitted, airbrushed SEM red and dulcoted, weighted to   70grams, 6 available @ $66 each, can be express posted at cost.
  Valvegear Dr Beeching

Location: Norda Fittazroy
Brett, I have sent you a PM.
  NSW3802 Locomotive Driver

For Sale

Brass chassis, Samhongsa, for Mansfield 44 or 930 diesel.  Can motor, bogie side frames.  $150.00

Bergs Brass 30T loco, with a bogie tender and 6 wheel tender. Professionally painted.        $1,1000

PM if interested,


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