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Posted 4 years ago

  Shazam75 Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisbane
NCE Cab Bus Cable with RJ12 connector 6P6C. A flat 6 wire cable used for tethered cabs, UTP panels, the cab bus and the Powercab.
White cables length - 5.5m
Black cable length - 3.5m
$10 postage

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  Gremlin Assistant Commissioner

Posted this 13 months ago... still trying Smile
Lionel Fastrack O Gauge 3 rail track for sale, preferably as a job lot.  Mixture of new (the points, the majority of straights and curves) and used as below.  PM with serious offers only.

Sydney location, near Hornsby...

Track ID Description New/Used Count
6-12014 10" straight Used 48
6-12015 O-36 curve New 28
6-12016 10" terminal track New 4
6-12023 O-36 quarter curve Used 2
6-12035 Sprung lighted bumper (pair) Used 1
6-12041 O-72 curve New 42
6-12042 30" straight New 18
6-12042 30" straight Used 4
6-12043 O-48 curve New 20
6-12048 0-72 left hand remote switch New 1
6-12048 0-72 left hand remote switch Used 1
6-12049 0-72 right hand remote switch New 1
6-12049 0-72 right hand remote switch Used 1
6-12054 Uncoupling track Used 1
6-12055 O-72 half curve Used 3
6-12056 O-60 curve New 28
6-12057 0-60 left hand remote switch New 3
6-12058 0-60 right hand remote switch New 3
6-12060 5" Block section Used 6
6-12061 O-84 curve ?? New 5
6-12061 O-84 curve 24 pack New 24
6-81313 Power Lock-on Used 2
6-81954 O-72 Wye Used 2
  noirilae Beginner

For Sale is my DC Austrains 442 Class in Tuscan with the duck egg. It’s in mint condition see photos below.

Asking $160 plus postage.
You can view photos here on my eBay listing (listing cheaper on Railpage Australia™) if not just send me a PM
  bjviper Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisvegas
Extruded foam blocks, Foamular brand from Austech.  2400x600x100mm in size, 3 sheets available.  Asking $80 for all 3 and pickup from Ipswich, QLD area.  Can also arrange delivery to Brisbane or Toowoomba area for a small fee.  PM for photos or if interested.
  Biggmac Beginner

Location: Ascot Vale, Victoria
Pennsylvania RR, HO scale, large unique collection being sold from deceased estate. Ideal as model railway club alternate rolling stock display scheme.

Engines 203, coaches 78, rolling stock 350, tenders 5, Truck trailer containers 15, assorted buildings need work and a turntable with engine sheds.

Rolling stock all unique road numbers. No track.
Engines from steam to electric with a few brass models.
Many items with original box.

For sale $27,500 plus any packing and cartage (prefer pick up). List of items available. This is approximately 10% of new price.

Plus: Large timber bookshelf (3 bays wide) for display (now in flat-pack for storage) with instruction for easy assembly. $1,000 pick up.

PM any interest, or recommendations for alternative sale mechanism. If no interest in a reasonable period then will consider attaching a link for the list of items to sell individual items.

Cheers Biggmac

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