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We all take pics of whats on the noisy end of trains BUT few of us take the time to photo Wagons or Containers of which there is a huge variety.
Most of our modelers on here look with little luck for these type of pics so i thought we should have a thread to help them out.
This INCLUDES infrastructure wagons/containers.
Here are a few from today to kick it off.
TOLL car carrying containers on there special low level 5 packs TRAY.
Royal Wolf leasing.
TOLL Tanktainer (foodstuffs)
WNA/WNB type high speed bogie(low level type) under a RQJW.
Edited to fix my lousy spelling. Embarassed

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Good idea Greg, a good thread.

Right, this isn't like the "normal" Australian fair, this is narrow gauge Tasmanian style.
Here is some photos.

The 1970's era wagons rebuild from a 40' to 60'.

I think this is an ex South Australian wagons.

Old log wagons rebuilt into container wagons. Again, 1970's era.

QM class wagon. I think another South Australian export

NSW type wagon. Classed QLE, they were R something arather, 4 letter code.

And this last gem, made by Comeng, X Class concentrate wagon.

Enjoy Wink
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I've only got one photo of flat wagons here in SA and this is a conversion anyway from a c.1925 ex SAR FB class flat wagon into a shunting fender. Yes, that is a 4 wheel shunting fender upturned and bolted on top!

There are several 'unmodified' FB class in storage at Dry Creek still as well as a few ex CR 40' narrow gauge flats, a few 75' flats converted from AOOX wagons in addition to a host of other 'junk'.
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What its website address? I'm very interested in containers & the wagons they carry.
  Hendo Deputy Commissioner


You are a gem! Thank you, I look forward to everything you post or the flicka site you forward people too!

  Hendo Deputy Commissioner

Now if someone would just post images of the FreightLink rolling stock. Ones at right angles would be good! Very Happy

  r_rogel Junior Train Controller

My favorite container wagons are from NSWSRA: RQSY/RQGY/RQBY & RQJW/RQMW.
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Wasn't there a thread in the model railway forum on a similar basis to this?
Anyway here are my collection wagons and containers.
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Free plug to a workmate I fired for at Enfield...

New South Wales Rollingstock

I'll dig out and upload some of my photo's when I get settled in Newcastle in a week or two...
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KR nice one mate. Very HappyVery Happy
  Hendo Deputy Commissioner


You are probably right, there would have been similar threads at Model Rail a number of times. I would imagine there have been similar requests on the simulator pages as well for MSTS and requests in photography and under the various state and operator threads.

Maybe the answer is to create a photo link "sticky" on "locomotives and rolling stock" and "infrastructure" with reminders on all the other thread groups to post the images there and that posting of images eleswhere will be moved/removed.

Also create permanent (in the sense it remains top of the sub-group list) create locomotive and rolling stock photographs threads within "loco's and rolling stock".

Just a thought,

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Biqua here is a unusual one for you it works with the ballast cleaner.

The newer type of Cement hoppers....Get this AN built them for us at FreightCorp strange realy.
I helped in setting these up for testing at Parkes with the BTC car and the LIV car they were tested at up to 140kph 8) between Parkes and Euabalong West.

Spoil wagons.
  Raichase Captain Rant!

Location: Sydney, NSW
I'm quite interested in wagons and rolling stock...

...and not keen for this thread to die.

Tanktainers seem on a BM4 service at Menangle

NDQF type spoil wagon with two spoil bins sitting on it at Chullora awaiting attention for whatever reason. The two spoil bins can be lifted off and the wagon used for containers if desired, so I am told Smile
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Brand spanking new SCT well wagons at Braemar today 9/7/08.

And a oldie just for laughs a CCH coal hopper.
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Some detail shots of NDFF ballast hopper brake gear and operating handles for dumping the load.

  train_lover01 Assistant Commissioner

Great idea Greg,

Some interesting units there,

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Cheers Chris  Very Happy with luck it will help someone needing details for modeling them.
  hanovale Deputy Commissioner

Great detail photos of what I think is a pretty interesting wagon, Greg. And thanks for bumping this thread, I'd forgotten about it.

For those of you who didn't see the notice in the Model Railway forum. I have created a "resources" section on my website that has, at this stage, photos of NSW and Qld bogies (both incomplete collections), containers (one page of which is still missing) and historical photos from the central west of NSW. There are plans for other sections as well once I get around to it.
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Roger no worries just glad to add to our knowledge base on here.
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Good stuff guys ... dunno how I missed this thread ...

Roger, I didn't see your notice either - those Tanktainer photos in particular may come in quite handy.
  awsgc24 Minister for Railways

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Some nice detail shots and good variety Exclamation  More, if you please Exclamation
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Location: Newcastle
here's a couple


QRNational QQGY (ex VR VQCY)

PN's RKEX with re-instated ends

PN RQGY recently repainted

PN's new RQRY loaded with wire products
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4705-44201 Thanks for putting them up mate Very Happy the new coil carrier looks interesting indeed i will have to keep a eye out for them.
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Just some of the vans that run on the SCT.




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I took these at Carrington yesterday i am pretty sure some one else has posted his pics of this wagon on RP but not in this thread so here they are.

Mostly showing the bogies as they had my attention being a ex car and wagon examiner/fitter.

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