[Rant] - The Alcopop Tax

  KRviator Moderator

Location: Up the front
I'm normally a fairly placid kind of bloke. The missus tells me my star sign Pisces means a pacifist. Well not today. Today alllll hell broke loose.

After a prick of a shift driving to Mudgee and back in the pi$$ing rain, in a Ford Territory, with nothing to listen to but ABC Queensland with all the static that goes with it, as well as feeling dog tired and hungy all I wanted when I got home today was a quiet bundy or two and to listen to some good old 80's rock. DrunkRock 'N Roll!

The rock is the easy part. Cue up Windows MEdia Playerand let 'er rip. Now for the bundy. A quick search of the fridge, cupboards and garage reveals the astonishing fact that we have none. Zero, Zip, Nada. To top it off, there isn't any alcohol of any description in the KRviator's hangar. Shocked

So me being the proactive bloke I am decides to head off towards the nearest bottlo and to keep the missus onside I get the milk first. Now it's off to the liquor mart. There, I discover that the so-called "Alcopop" tax now cover's things like Bundy, Jimmy, JD, Southern Comfort and all kinds of "mens" drinks. It isn't just designed to stop those bloody teeny-boppers from having a good time, it's been extended to cover anyone with a mortgage. Exclamation The regular price for a 6-pack of Bundy was around $16. But now we've gotta protect the kiddies so the Gummint hikes the tax and now my 6-pack costs upwards of $25.99. For a flamin' 6-pack of Bundy If I wanted to pay $6 a can I'd fly Virgin Blue. Evil or Very Mad

So whaddya do? Get the 6-pack and pay exhorbitant taxes on it, or get a bottle of Bundy and some coke for $40. I chose the bottle. Kids will too... Or theyll just get the cask wine for $10 for 4 litres and get shytefaced off that. Is Goon still around? Despite what we think of them, kids ain't entirely stupid. Most of the hype surrounding this tax is to protect those kids who drink to get drunk and they'll simply find another way to do that.

What really gives me the shytes is there was no warning, no consultation, no nothing regarding the introduction of this teenybopper tax. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for trying to stop kiddy binge drinking, but there's a time and a place for it, and taxing the crapola outta my Bundy aint it. Evil or Very MadEvil or Very Mad

So now here we are. In a country where a 6-pack of pre-mixed spirits costs more than your weekly mortgage repayments. And where the KRviator is as mad as a cut snake about his newfound drinks prices.

DISCLAIMER: The above post was composed whle on my 2nd schooner of Bundy & coke. No responsibility is taken for spelling, grammatical or any other error.

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  42101 Banned

Location: Banned
KR yeah mate there are a lot of working blokes well smegged off with this garbage tax too, thje blokes i was working with last weekend were Gosford based and were living in motels for the previous week and were very very smegged about having to pay the best part of $26 for a lousy six pack just to have a couple of drinks of a night before bed.
Thanks Rudd the Dud for rock all you idiot. Evil or Very MadEvil or Very MadEvil or Very Mad
  42101 Banned

Location: Banned
Lock in B eddie.
You only have to look at the US for fundie ratbags running politics and now we get it here. Rolling EyesEvil or Very Mad
  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne
It's right rubbish, innit? I've stopped buying premix altogether; instead I've got a healthy three litres of JD and another litre of JW Black waiting in line to give my liver a good kicking.
  tainted Missing Link

Location: Shepparton, Vic
Stupid thing is the alcopop tax may still get skuttled, wonder if the prices come back down when that happens?
  JatzCrackers Chief Commissioner

Location: Castle Crackers, Lithgovia
Pre-mixed drinks aren't my particular poison, so correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it always cheaper to buy spirits separately and mix them yourself? I realise that it may be preferable t buy pre-mixed, since there's no washing up... Wink
  drwaddles In need of a breath mint

Location: Newcastle
Nobody seems to have noticed that the tax isn't even official yet - it hasn't been debated in Parliament. Whoever is putting the price up is making a bit of extra moolah at the expense of drinkers.
  simont141 Chief Commissioner

Location: Adelaide
Nobody seems to have noticed that the tax isn't even official yet - it hasn't been debated in Parliament. Whoever is putting the price up is making a bit of extra moolah at the expense of drinkers.

I thought so too ... but one paper reported it "coming into effect" weeks ago. I believe that the Coalition have vowed to block this in the senate too? If/when that happens, I hope the prices go back to what they were before.

ALCO957 - It is in fact cheaper to buy some drugs than a $25 6 pack.
  Sir Thomas Bent Minister for Railways

Location: Banned
The solution is simple.

The solution is beer.
  Grantham Minister for Railways

Location: I'm with stupid!
Beer is good.

  dasher Chief Commissioner

Location: Within the NSWGR
A mate of mine keeps telling me "beer is the new wine". Whatever that means.

As for pre-mix vs bottle... I used to go the pre-mix, but these days I prefer the option of being able to decide the strength of my drink.
  doridori Chief Commissioner

problem is, teeny guys prefer premixed bourbons etc, rather than the perceived ghey sweet drinks...
It will not solve the problem, as kids will start drinking fruity lexia and sherry instead.
  Z1_BOY Chief Train Controller

Location: Essendon, Vic (ex Wollongong)

Evil or Very Mad Can't say i was happy paying $8 a pop for a Smirnoff black ice when on the town, over night they became $11 each.... back to the ole glass of JD and coke... this tax won't make them harder to buy, just encourage one to buy bottle of straight spirit and probably do more harm that way. Pre-mix pops were so conveniant when you were not at home. This will also hurt the on board heritage train bar sales too, which means less profit for preservation groups  Sad
  TheLoadedDog The Ghost of George Stephenson

My generation did our own mixing, and the new kids will do the same.

Look at what skid row blokes drink - it's not alcopops now, and it wan't before the tax hike either. These are guys who KNOW how to get maximum mindfunk for their pension money - the answer is FORTIFIEDS.  

Let's work it out:

I have thirty dollars to spend.  I can get -
a) 700ml of spirits at 37.5%alc/vol
b) A sixpack of alcopops, 2.25 litres at 7%, or
c):  THREE FLAGONS (that's SIX LITRES, kids), of tawny port or sweet sherry at 17.5%alc/vol.

That's about six times the volume of a bottle of spirits at only half the alcohol level  (so three times more bang for your buck).

Now decide whether a young person is going to get into alcoholism through a few Breezers or through swigging on a flagon of rotgut.

It's a stupid law.
  Kent_B Assistant Commissioner

Location: ED101D
just get the cask wine for $10 for 4 litres and get shytefaced off that. Is Goon still around?

Oh yessss.....

$8 for 37 standards vs $25 for what.. 12 standards max? I know which one I would take if I were looking to get well maggot, hell I do when I'm keen for a big night on the turps.

Sooo many memories.. (and sooo many forgotten... Twisted Evil ).

Edit: Plus, a goon bag is quite easily shared. $8 for a group.. make it $24 and get 3 bags which is over 100 standard drinks!
  Ballast_Plough Chief Commissioner

Location: Lilydale, Vic
I haven't followed the legislation thing too closely (I just use all my duty free scotch bottles at home) but what actually happens with the extra $$ raked in? To prevent being hypocritical, you'd think that Krudd would be using that to fund teenage drinking programs etc. - or does the cynical side of me see that it will just bump up guvmint coffers?
  Aaron The Ghost of George Stephenson

Location: University of Adelaide SA
The extra tax is expected to only just cover the cost of Krudd's missus' birthday shebang, and their Christmas and NYE swoires, anything left over will probably be returned in tax breaks to pokie venues that are suffering with non smoking areas cutting takings.
  42101 Banned

Location: Banned
Apparently the little rats are now buying the food flavourings from Woolies/Coles as these are cheap and 60% alcohol...yeah lets scull some vanilla essence Rolling Eyes so now they want these banned from sale too.
  Aaron The Ghost of George Stephenson

Location: University of Adelaide SA
I know a girl who years ago could not afford anything decent to drink and so used to hit the cooking Ouzo... Heavy stuff that, I can drink nearly anything but that stuff is just beyond bad!
  drwaddles In need of a breath mint

Location: Newcastle
Ouzo is used for cooking these days?!?!?  Laughing
  42101 Banned

Location: Banned
Aaron that damn Ouzo, I have only ever had one night of drinking that i cannot account for several hours and it was that stuff that did it for me.
To this day i cannot recall leaving Marrickville RSL catching a train 9 stations, crossing a 4 lane hwy (canterbury rd) and getting to my unit in Punchbowl late at night after a work farewell for a Greek workmate. EmbarassedEmbarassedEmbarassed
  TheLoadedDog The Ghost of George Stephenson

Back when I worked in a pub, we had one bloke who used to drink ouzo (it was otherwise a strictly Jim Beam pub).  It was "Muddy Roads" (ouzo and Coke).  And not a word of a lie, despite running the empty glass through the industrial glasswasher as many times as we could, that sh1t rendered the glass unusable for anything else other than more ouzo.  We had to keep a couple of "ouzo glasses" aside.

Never been much of a fan of the anisseed type drinks, but there is better stuff out there than ouzo.  Best I ever had was some homemade arrack from the elderly mother of a Lebanese guy I worked with.  That stuff was smooth and pleasant - and kicked like buggery, so you had to treat it with respect.

I'll save the rice spirit eposide in Viet Nam for another time...   8)
  drwaddles In need of a breath mint

Location: Newcastle
There's a much better drink that ouzo - it's called "shatrusse" (no idea about spelling, I just drink it.)

Nice peppery shot that gives you a warm feeling down the throat and towards the stomach, and a nice kick about 10 minutes later. My best mate won't drink it even if I shout him.  Laughing
  TheLoadedDog The Ghost of George Stephenson

"Chartreuse".  It's a Froggy thing.  I haven't tried it, I don't think.  Pernod is better than ouzo too, but still not really my bag.
  KRviator Moderator

Location: Up the front
I've tried that Chartruce stuff and it doen't agree with me in the slightest. Nothing makes the KRviator sicker quicker than drinking that stuff. Can go all night on the Bundy but a couple of shots of that and I'll be the outhouse within minutes...

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