Frustration card game

  jemo27 Junior Train Controller

Location: Kulwin line
on the Ghan I played a card game called frustration which is similar to Phase ten but I cannot find any rules to it  using the name it was called "Frustration" but I am wondering if it is called something else,

some rules that we played with,

20 different phase to complete,
108 cards,

10 cards per player

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  Aaron Minister for Railways

Location: University of Adelaide SA
I googled *frustration card game* and piles of results for the rules of the game.

CARD GAME: Frustration

-two packs of cards for four people, three packs for six or more people. take jokers out of packs.
-best played with about 4-5 people, to be honest.
-everyone is dealt 11 cards.

-there are ten 'games' that everyone has to complete:
1> Run of 7
2> 2 sets of 3
3> 1 set of 3 & run of 4
4> 1 set of 4 & run of 4
5> Run of 8
6> 1 set of 5 & set of 2
7> two sets of 4
8> Run of 9
9> Set of 5 & run of 6
10> Set of 5 & set of 4
-(runs can be any suit + around the corner)

-every hand gets one pickup from the pile or the top card of the graveyard, then must discard one card to the graveyard.
-when one has a completed 'game' in their hand, they put those cards on the table.
-round ends when one person completes their 'game' PLUS gets rid of their remaining cards by either expanding onto their game by adding onto their runs or sets (set of four Jacks becomes set of six Jacks, e.g.), or by adding onto other people's games in similar fashion.
-2's are wild.

-after round ends, record scores for end-of-Frustration assessment;
=3-9 :: 5 points
=10-K :: 10 points
=2,Ace :: 20 points
-'knocking' is optional but can be sweet: when one player knocks to indicate they have only one card left, others should then get rid of high-scoring cards (aces, mostly) to keep score down.
-assessment at end of Frustration should include a (negative) bonus for first to complete 10 rounds, or just an assessment of which 'games' people are on and the scores they accumulate. Should be clear who wins.

-get frustrated.

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