EM100 Sightings thread

  qf380 Locomotive Fireman

Hey just a Quick Question,

This morning while boarding a train at Mont Albert at 10:57, i heard an incredibly loud train horn when i sat down in the carriage before it pulled away, and when i looked out the window i saw a small white train, electric, go speeding through mont albert. It looked like a maintenance train or something, i only JUST caught sight of it, so all i saw was it was white, and maybe had a line on the side of it, and i remember the word "Track" on the side.

Whats was it? I cant find any photos of it on Vicsig...well i dont know what im looking for!

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  PalmerEldritch Say goodnight to the bad guy

Location: Princes Park, Carlton
EM-100 Track Maintenance Vehicle
  tomohawk Chief Commissioner

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To clarify, it's actually a Diesel, with a pantograph IIRC for recording information about the overheads
  alstom_888m Chief Commissioner


This it?

That's EM100, track scanner. Looks for cracks on the track and fault with the overhead.

It's normally stabled at Geelong but pokes it's ugly head out every few months.

It used to have the V/Line Orange livery.

Anyone know how old it actually is?
  qf380 Locomotive Fireman

Yeah thats it! It was hammering along! The horn was sooo loud!!

I found an article on google stating it does track scanning and takes photos of the track and where they go.

Thanks, it was bugging me!
  wongm GEEWONG

Location: Geelong, Victoria
I saw it out and about yesterday as well at Burnley on the up (or was it on Monday?)

A number of photyos of it by various people are here:

This shot by Rodney Williams in 1985 shows the all orange livery:

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Well ladies and gents it looks like EM100 is on tour once again, this time sighted at Craigeburn on the UP at 2:17pm today.

  wongm GEEWONG

Location: Geelong, Victoria
On Wednesday I was it over the Viaduct headed for FSS about 4:30 pm, it ran back though SSS on the goods line bound for West Tower at 4:45 pm.

Today I saw something small go speeding past my train in the opposite direction when no other trains were due - I will have to check out Geelong Loco tonight to see if it headed home.
  Heihachi_73 Chief Commissioner

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Early this morning I saw the silhouette of EM100, presumably on the Sandringham line heading towards Flinders Street (it was near the route 70 tram section).

I wouldn't have seen it if the 0502 Lilydale wasn't delayed by 6 minutes. The train turned out to be an ex-Northern group one (maybe swapped with the Sydenham train announced at the same time of this train's arrival) instead of the usual Burnley Crapper; strangely it had Flinders Street on the desto rather than Connex, Speci