My 2050 Melbourne suburban network plan

  wongm GEEWONG

Location: Geelong, Victoria
Since everyone else is drawing up their super fantastic future network plans, I though i should get in on the act as well.


Guaranteed to be twice as delicious than any other transport plan. 8)

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  xtrap_heaven Chief Train Controller

Location: Melbourne's Train Network
Great Plan! Wink
  Robbb01 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Shhhh!
Love it!
  alstom_888m Chief Commissioner

I get it, train lines everywhere, like a bowl of noodles.  Razz
  drwaddles In need of a breath mint

Location: Newcastle
Lara...  LoveLove

  The Vinelander Minister for Railways

Location: Ballan, Victoria on the Ballarat RFR Line
Sorry Marcus, should I mention the spelling errors  Question
  trolleybusracer Deputy Commissioner

Location: St Albans Sydenham Watergardens Line
Send that in to the Hun! or the age!
  Metro Transit Minister for Railways

Location: Error.
Will the tram network be a bolognase sause?

  Nexas The Ghost of George Stephenson

You spelt Carbonarafield wrong.
  wongm GEEWONG

Location: Geelong, Victoria
You spelt Carbonarafield wrong.

I had to Google for the correct spelling of Warragul but realised the other mistake much later on, but still before it was pointed out to me. Embarassed
  drwaddles In need of a breath mint

Location: Newcastle
Did you notice that Kingslake should be Kinglake? Wink

I thought the spelling errors were a good touch, personally.
  Route8 Junior Train Controller

I lol'ed.

Methinks it might end up looking s lot like this though;

  Speed Minister for Railways

That intersection reminds me of the commonwealth Parliament House.

Which came first?

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