Pennsylvania Railroad Eastern Region BETA USA Route

  PhilChorusch Chief Commissioner

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Hi guy's,

Check out this route!!! It has to be honestly the best route I have
ever seen for MSTS as it covers a huge area of the USA with just over 3000 miles of track and fantastic views of scenery all over the route. The route itself is set up as a mini route witch can be installed onto
a seperate hard drive. The route can run on it's own MSTS installment files. Please read the correct fourm at the link below for more details

The Links Are:

If anyone is interested in this route please contact Dave Edwards, to recieve a DVD copy, please note that you will need to pay a $10 fee for postage & handling though paypal and it's worth it Very Happy You can make contact with Dave though and get his email address from there or PM me for Dave's email address

Regards Phil

Please note: I have copied the original thread header from the original fourm site and added USA Route to avoid confusion. 8)

P.S. Ron has asked me to fix up this post, by removing his name and add Dave Edwards name as he is the distributor, I appologise for any inconvience on my part Very Happy

I thought I make things exciting: Here is the PRR route RE map preview Very Happy

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  roysun Beginner

How do you build platforms for msts
tell me the tool
  superheatedsteam Assistant Commissioner

Location: Perth, WA
How do you build platforms for msts
tell me the tool

ARG706 advised you of a 3D modelling program in your last post about this question.

You are spoilt with choice as there are five 3D modelling programs you can use to make scenery objects for MSTS.  Read the following which tells you about four of them.

You can also use google sketchup if you only want to make scenery items. You should be able to find a link using google search.

Also read the 3D modelling and texturing tutorials at steam4me:

Read them as they will answer most of your questions. Then you will have a better understanding of what is involved in getting started in 3D modelling.
  ARG706 Chief Commissioner

Location: SA
How do you build platforms for msts
tell me the tool

It is usually considered poor form to dig up old threads to ask questions which have nothing to do with it, especialy when it has already been answered

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