Where am I? #4

  412M Assistant Commissioner


These rules are now in force.
Any queries or situations arising not covered by following refer to a mod to decide.

* Can't move on to next question until previous question is solved.
* ONE attempt at the answer per poster until the Quiz leader responds with a update or answer.
*  Six incorrrect attempts will mean the poster has to wait a week
  (from the date of the last guess) before retrying.
* Four days to pose a new question, otherwise the floor is open.
 (try to be as quick as possible though to keep the thread alive)
* Four days for the new  Quiz Leader to answer a question (after the last answer was given)
 - otherwise the mods may open the floor. The Answer may be posted at  any  time for unanswered questions.
* Blatant attempts to delay the quiz may now be punished at the Mods  discretion.

* Location can be station, signal box, yard, terminal, named siding etc   and can be either open or closed.
* Location must be within the metcard area , or within these locations:

Cranbourne (not Clyde or  Tooradin), Craigieburn, Healesville,Gembrook,
Melton, Mornington, Pakenham,  Red Hill, Stony Point,Sunbury,
Warburton, Werribee, Williamstown Pier,  Whittlesea  and any electrified
or freight line within these boundaries - closed (eg Webb Dock) or not.

* Location can include area/ rail  not reachable via normal passenger services -   eg Brooklyn can be included.


The more info the Quiz leader can supply the better, be it listing of  
wrong answers, extra hints, or a summary of question&hints so far.
Especiually if the system flows to a new page or has had a lot of attempts since the last hint/summary.
[edit] To see the former quiz "where am I? #3", here's two links:

Page 1 http://www.railpage.com.au/f-t11325805.htm  
Last Page http://www.railpage.com.au/f-t11325805-0-asc-s5220.htm

Sorry for beating you, RoderickSmith, but you may approve of my first clue.

Clue 1: 1 track between 2 platforms.

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  RoderickSmith Banned

Location: Banned
I not only approve of the first clue, I applaud the win.  '412M' came up with several locations which had advanced starting signals.  As I got the ladder out again to return the 1939 book to the shelf (and it had no entry for Noble Park), I checked the 1949 book: there was the vital entry.

For the new one, I open with Camberwell.  Conceivably there were no more than six such locations, so the proposed new rules (if adopted) will have no impact.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor
  Alamein_Line Chief Commissioner

Box Hill ?
  412M Assistant Commissioner


Box Hill
Camberwell (correct but not sought).
  RoderickSmith Banned

Location: Banned
Never overlook the obvious: Melbourne Flinders St.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor
  712M Chief Commissioner

Southern Cross (14 and 15)
  Ballast_Plough Chief Commissioner

Location: Lilydale, Vic
Clifton Hill?
  michinyon Chief Commissioner

  RoderickSmith Banned

Location: Banned
This is simply a greeting post so that the thread comes up when I click 'View your posts'.

I now realise a potential ambiguity.

I interpreted the question as three or four tracks between two platforms, so that one of the tracks doesn't serve a platform.  It seems that the others have thought similarly, and you indicated that Camberwell (ie pre 1919) was correct thinking (but wrong choice).

However, you could be meaning one track with a platform face on each side.  Camberwell still fits: the up line served pfm 1 and the goods platform.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor
  Boss Chief Commissioner

Location: Caulfield Line
  Alamein_Line Chief Commissioner

However, you could be meaning one track with a platform face on each side.

That's how I read the clue -- Box Hill was suggested as one track is between two platforms ( one platform served by the track / one platform being unused at present )
  OzzyAzza Chief Train Controller

Location: Brisbane via Melbourne
Princes Bridge
  Alamein_Line Chief Commissioner

Just thought of another way to read the clue :

Seaholme - Altona

Single track between two platforms  Laughing
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
I'll say Upwey
  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Taking Alamein_Line's reasoning:


David Head
  412M Assistant Commissioner

Firstly, sorry for being slightly ambiguous with my first clue. Perhaps a better wording would've been "1 track between 2 platforms at the same location."

Although Flinders St/Princes Bridge, Southern Cross and Ringwood did have 1 track between two platforms, Belgrave is the correct answer (Platform 1 on north side of 2 road; goods platform on south side of 2 road, still used by cleaners).

Staff handed over to michinyon.
  michinyon Chief Commissioner

The most creek crossings between two stations is where ?
  RoderickSmith Banned

Location: Banned
I'm not looking at anything.
Montmorency - Eltham.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor
  michinyon Chief Commissioner

Not Montmorency-Eltham
  412M Assistant Commissioner

Diamond Creek-Eltham.
  RoderickSmith Banned

Location: Banned
Five entries to go.

In the spirit of the quiz just finished: only one creek, but lots of bridges.
Just west of North Melbourne: all of those bridges over Moonee Ponds Creek.  It is almost roofed over.

Four entries to go.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor
  michinyon Chief Commissioner

Well Diamond Creek-Eltham is the answer I figured out.  So 412M has it.

Crosses Diamond Creek 4 times and another creek once.

There appear to be more bridges between Pakenham and Officer but they don't seem to be actually crossing creeks there.
  RoderickSmith Banned

Location: Banned
It is too hard to check the sought and other potential answers.
I had the Diamond Creek bridges in mind, but chose the wrong section (tough titties).

Google Earth is a bit fuzzy, but my flippant response seems to score five bridges (with 13 tracks) between North Melbourne and South Kensington.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor
  412M Assistant Commissioner

There is a way of working out the highest amount of bridges between 2 stations, going to vicsig.net, then line guides, Metropolitan and going through one line at a time, but it would probably take about 30-60 minutes.

Clue 1: I was opened as a through station.
  wurx Lithgovian Ambassador-at-Large

Location: The mystical lost principality of Daptovia

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