Map of NSW Railway Lines

  Scruffy Station Master

I have been trying to find a map of the NSW Railway lines for the period 1930 to 1965, and have had no luck so far.   Would someone from this group be able to point me in the right direction.

I would appreciate any assistance.

Thank you.

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  mnel Assistant Commissioner

Are you looking for maps printed in this time period?

If not, have a look at, specifically at the "by year" maps

  Scruffy Station Master

Thank you for the information.  I am looking for maps printed in the timeframe.   I have previously visited the page you referred me to.
  Spletsie Deputy Commissioner

There is a 1952 NSW map on ebay at the moment.
  michinyon Chief Commissioner

If you look at nswrail,net

you will find an apparently contemporary 1933 downloadable as jpg in four sections.
  Scruffy Station Master

To Minchinyon and Spletsie,

Thank you both for your assistance.  I found the map on eBay and placed a bid.   I will also check out NSW Rail web page.   Smile
  gordon_s1942 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Central Tablelands of NSW
Those maps were printed on very poor paper and were easily damaged.
Rarely was one behind glass, most being glued to a wall or a piece of 3 ply and soon got knocked about.
When I intended to the Coaching course, I think I paid about 2/- (20 cents) for the state map late 1958 or early 1958.I was only earning 3/6 an hour as a 15 year old JSA so 2 bob was 2 bob.
The map then would have shown the Campbelltown line as it was still open along with the private lines around Newcastle.
  worldtraveller Locomotive Driver

Camden line I think.

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