NYE Aftermath

  locomotive Junior Train Controller

This morning on the Belgrave/Lilydale/Alamein group of lines I noticed at least four X 3 car sets running, some fully loaded. Is this the result of all night running and a back log of maintenance.

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  Somebody in the WWW Banned

Location: Banned
No, it's due to the main stabling yards for these lines presently being physically isolated from the inner/middle half of the line due to the Nunawading works.

Was a few 3-car Comeng sets running in the afternoon peak and also late at night yesterday, especially on the stopper trains to/from Box Hill.
  tomohawk Chief Commissioner

Location: Getting The Met to get around
Overall the three car running isn't too bad. There are still significant numbers of people not at work.
  Z181 Chief Train Controller

Location: Mernda
Clifton Hill Group has been 3-car X'Traps for the last few nights. Never seen them split on the Hurstbridge line before. The Burnley group was all 3-Car Comengs. Take this would be because of the works too?
  fullofrubbish Assistant Commissioner

Location: Brunswick
Has there being more noticable traffic on the Glen Waverley line this week by people trying to avoid the Blackburn-Mitcham shutdown?
  locomotive Junior Train Controller

Its a pity, unlike Cityrail, that the number of cars on a train are not displayed on the PIDS.
  tomohawk Chief Commissioner

Location: Getting The Met to get around
Even Perth does that on all the new PIDs. We really should do it on lines that get 3 car running.

Less important on the Caulfield group.

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