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KOLKATA: The Indian Railways seems to have conveniently washed its hands off the major fire on the 12622 Up  New Delhi-Chennai Tamil Nadu Express on July 30 in which 30 passengers lost their lives and 28 others were injured. Dinesh Kumar Singh, the commissioner of Railway Safety, South Central Circle, Secunderabad, after a statutory inquiry into the accident arrived at the conclusion that the fire was caused after firecrackers being carried in Coach S11 ignited accidentally.

The conclusion arrived at by the CRS is: "The occurrence falls under the category of 'Failure of persons other than railway staff." While railway officials sounded relieved at this conclusion, questions have already started being raised on why railway security staff should not be held responsible for failing to prevent passengers from carrying inflammable articles like firecrackers into train compartments. After any crime on trains and railway premises, the general reaction from officials is that it is a law and order subject which is the responsibility of the state governments. The sole responsibility of the  Railway Protection Force (Railpage Australia™ Forums) is to protect railway property, officials say. Even if this reasoning were to be accepted, the  Railpage Australia™ Forums can't be absolved of its responsibility.

After all, the fire did cause extensive damage to the train coach which is railway property. Carrying of explosives and inflammable articles on trains is also an offence in the Railways Act (as is clearly mentioned inside the train compartments). "It is true that the Railpage Australia™ Forums checks baggage at larger stations like Howrah and New Delhi. However, proper screening may not be possible at the smaller ones," a Railway Board official said. Its the time of festivals and the railways have begun a campaign to raise awareness on the risk of inflammable articles.

Such articles are 'banned' by the railways, the posters say. At the same time, passengers have been asked not to carry such items and prevent others from doing the same. Its not very clear how a passenger can peep into his or her neighbour's luggage. Even if a passenger succeeds in locating inflammable articles in his or her co-passenger's baggage, how can he or she prevent the offender from taking it along unless the railways provides assistance?
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KANPUR: Several trains on the  Delhi-Howrah train route were reported running much behind schedule on Thursday following derailment of two wagons of a goods train near  Panki railway station. The incident took place when the goods train was coming on the main line from Petroleum Siding late on Wednesday evening. The derailment damaged the electricity pole connected with overhead equipment line, bringing the movement of the trains to a complete standstill at Rura, Panki, and Jhinjhak railway stations.
Primary investigations have revealed that a defect in the railway track led to the accident.
Though the down track of the train route had been opened up late on Wednesday night, many trains were running at just 10kmph speed on Thursday. The speed of more than 50 trains took a beating due to derailment incident as a result of which they were arriving late at the railway platforms.
The trains that were affected due to derailment and reached Kanpur Central late included Gomti Express, Licchavi Express, Mathura-Patna Express, Awadh Express, Sangam Express, Ajmer Sealdah Express, Shramshakti Express, Agra Intercity Express, Delhi-Lucknow Swarnshatabdi Express, Seemanchal Express, Sampark Kranti Express, Brahamputra Express, and Farraka Express to name a few. While Gomti Express reached Kanpur Central late by 7 hours, Licchavi arrived 12 hours late. Mathura-Patna Express and Sangam Express were late by 7 hours each.
Ajmer Sealdah Express arrived late by 12 hours. Shramshakti reached Kanpur at 1 pm instead of 6.30 am. Swarnshatabdi Express arrived at 4.30 pm instead of 11.15 am.
Meanwhile, the late arrival of the trains left the passengers stranded at  Kanpur Central railway station. A number of passengers also got their tickets cancelled.
Sandesh Gupta, one of the passengers who was travelling in Seemanchal Express informed that his train was halted at every station or its outer while it was on its way to Kanpur Central. It was because of this reason that the train reached Kanpur Central very late and he along with his co-passengers had to spend several hours 'trapped' inside the train.
Talking to TOI, Sandeep Mathur, chief public relations officer, North Central Railways (NCR) said that due to overhead equipment line pole getting damaged on the main line during the derailment of the goods train on Wednesday evening, a block had to be taken in Panki for getting the damaged pole replaced. It was because of this reason that the trains had to be halted or made to run at 20 kmph speed.
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Gwalior, Nov 30 (ANI): At least two AC coaches of GT Express caught fire near Gwalior on Friday, leaving one person dead because of the trauma.

According to reports, the person died due to heart attack during the commotion. The train caught fire at Sidholi station near Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh.

The passengers were held midway and were immediately evacuated from the train, which was bound to Chennai.

Anil, a passenger, said that an elderly couple woke the passengers and alerted them about the fire.

"An elderly couple woke us up and there was smoke inside the whole coach. They woke everybody and we also left our luggage. The incident took place at around 2:15 am and later we were also asked to be alert by the railway official," he said.

Police and fire-fighting team reached the spot and immediately launched the rescue work.

According to the police, one passenger travelling in another coach suffered heart attack and died on the spot.

Additional Superintendent of Police, Virender Jain, said that situation is under control.

"The situation is under control right now and the fire has been controlled. The passengers have been evacuated from the three coaches that caught fire and the coaches have also been detached from the train. One person in the coach suffered a heart attack and he died in the train. We have sent his body to the hospital for post-mortem,"

He added that at least six fire-tenders rushed the spot to contain the fire.

The reason for occurrence of the fire is uncertain

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iliguri, Dec 4 (ANI): A speeding train has killed an elephant calf near a reserved forest area in West Bengal state while the pachyderm was crossing the railway track.
The incident happened in the state's Siliguri district near the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary where the pachyderm was killed while crossing the railway track late in the evening on Sunday (December 02).

Forest officials and some local animal rights activists arrived on the spot on Monday (December 03) to inspect the matter.

The elephant calf's body was taken away for post mortem as officials suspected that the calf might have separated from the herd.

Animal rights activist Arup Ghosh told reporters that despite repeated requests, no steps were taken by the authorities to prevent such incidents from reoccurring.

"At least 50 elephants have died after being run down by the trains. We have repeatedly requested the railway department to take some steps but they do not pay heed. We have demanded that limited trains with limited speed should operate near the forest areas. But they do not listen. They are a federal entity, so they will not listen to us," he said.

Over the past few years several cases of elephants' deaths in train accidents in India have been reported making the situation somewhat cumbersome for these pachyderms because of the presence of railway tracks near forest areas.

India has over 50 per cent of Asiatic elephants, considered to be among the most intelligent animals. Unfortunately, the number of elephants has dwindled in recent years. (ANI)

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ANAND: A goods  train was  derailed at  Anand railway station while being reversed and one of its wagons climbed onto the platform giving a scare to the people waiting for a passenger train. The  accident happened when the train was being sided at the Anand railway yard.

Sources said that while the train was being reversed to unload the goods, the last wagon of the train climbed onto platform number five. The sudden sound caused by the wagon on the platform scared the passengers waiting for a train to  Khambhat.

Officials said that the train was loaded with bags of wheat that had been transported from a warehouse of Food Corporation of India at Shajapur in Madhya Pradesh to Anand. The last wagon that had climbed onto the platform was detached from the rest of the train. Some parts of the track near the railway platform were damaged in the accident
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Mumbai, Dec. 5 -- Central Railway (CR) officials believe an error in repairing a technical snag on the CST-bound train might have caused the incident in which ten people sustained burns.

CR has suspended a Traction Suburban Rolling Train Examiner (TSRT), holding the examiner responsible for the incident after a prima facie inquiry.

Sources said a problem cropped up in the train's vacuum circuit breaker between Mahim and King's Circle stations. The motorman informed the TSRT, who boarded the train at Wadala station to fix it. However, while rectifying the snag, the TSRT may have made a blunder that caused the transformer to overheat.

The fire broke out at 11.22am on Tuesday, just after the train had pulled into Dockyard Road station. Eyewitnesses said they saw huge flames coming out from under the coach, which burned passengers travelling on the footboard. Some victims also told HT that they saw two liquids - one water-like and one black - oozing out of the floor of the train before the blast took place.

A railway staffer said people panicked as soon as they saw the flames and jumped out of the stationary train, leaving their belongings behind. The injured were rushed to JJ Hospital at Byculla.

Government Railway Police confirmed that a fire had broken out. "Three fire engines called to the spot. They extinguished the fire before the train was shifted to the CST yard at around 12.05pm," said Sunil Malusare, assistant commissioner of police.

CR officials, however, continued to deny it. "There was no fire," said VN Malegaokar, chief public relations officer, CR. CR will conduct a departmental inquiry into the incident and Commissioner of Railway Safety will also inspect the train.

The train was one of 10 retrofitted rakes in CR's fleet, which officials say are prone to several technical issues that have caused them trouble in the past as well.

The incident threw off the Harbour line schedule. Several CST-bound local trains were stuck in a long line beyond Cotton Green station after the fire. Commuters were forced to take either BEST buses or taxis to reach their destinations. Trains ran late by 15-20 minutes and 12 services were cancelled till evening.

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ALLAHABAD: In wake of 20th anniversary of Babri mosque demolition on Thursday, the  Government Railway Police conducted a mock drill at  Allahabad junction and circulating areas on Wednesday. The GRP also checked the 10 platforms apart from the entry and exit points of the Junction on Civil Lines and City side.

The security personnel also checked the passengers in the circulating area, UTS and PRS counters, cloak room and other parts of the junction. GRP sleuths along with bomb defusal squad and dog squad checked all points at the junction.

GRP inspector Tripurari Pandey said that checking drive was undertaken in various spots. The GRP also checked several trains including Itarasi passenger and  Jodhpur-Howarh Express. The cops also checked two-wheelers and four wheelers parked at the vehicle stand at both station sides.

Similarly, district police have also intensified checking at important installations. Police also conducted checking at hotels, inn, dhabas and other public places.
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Mumbai, Dec. 6 -- Even as Chetan Bakshi, the Commissioner Railway Safety (CRS), Central Circle, Chetan Bakshi started a probe in Tuesday's fire incident at Dockyard road that scalded 11 passengers, the employees blamed the accident on retrofitted old rakes. Out of the 36 operational rakes that ply on the Harbour line, 10 are retrofitted (modified old trains that run on alternate and direct current) and frequently develop snags.

On Tuesday, the railways claimed that the train did not catch fire but the oil that leaked from the train transformer caused the burns to passengers. However, the victims maintained that the transformer caught fire which scalded them badly.

The employees claimed that such incidents had occurred in the past but had not been made public (by the railway authorities). "No major damage or fire was reported in the past whenever such problems came up," said a senior engineer requesting anonymity. "The retrofitted rakes develop snags, especially when the AC power is converted from 25kv to the 1500v DC current."

An engineer said that retrofitted rakes do not touch the upper speed limit of 80kmph, which is why trains on the Harbour line run slower than other lines. However, another senior official dismissed his colleague's claims. "The retrofitted rakes are as good as the new Siemens rakes."

Subodh Jain, general manager, Central Railways (CR), said that the commissioner of safety would assess the cause of the fire and that the inter-departmental inquiry would be suspended in view of the CRS probe.

Bakshi told HT that the transformer that leaked oil would also be examined on Saturday. "After examining relevant equipment, the officers concerned will be called."

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BAHRAICH: Fifteen wagons of a goods train carrying fuel derailed and burst into flames on December 7 in Uttar Pradesh's  Bahraich district between Jarwal and Saryu railway stations, disrupting traffic on the Lucknow-Gorakhpur route.

"Sixteen wagons of the train derailed and 15 of them caught fire," Public Relation Officer of Northern Railway, Alok Srivastava said. However, there were no casualties.

Vikas Singh, a railway official said, "The train's driver, who was injured while trying to escape, had to be rushed to a hospital in an ambulance." The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained. "Railway employees detached 31 other wagons of the train and fire fighters fought to control the blaze for 7 to 8 hours," he said.

"Consequently, the route of 11 trains on the down line and 14 on the up line have been changed. Three others have been cancelled. Also, 150 metres of rail track on the down line and 50 metres on the up line has been destroyed due to the fire," added Srivastava.

General Manager of north-eastern railway B Ramachandran has ordered an enquiry and rail traffic on the route is to be restored by the evening. "The loss was estimated to be in crores of rupees," Srivastava stated.
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BAHRAICH: Fifteen wagons of a goods train carrying fuel derailed and burst into flames between Jarwal and Saryu railway stations in Bahraich district in the wee hours this morning, throwing rail traffic out of gear on the  Lucknow-Gorakhpur route. Out of the 16 wagons of the train which derailed, 15 caught fire, PRO,  Northern Railway, Alok Srivastava told TOI on Friday. However, there were no casualties. The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained. "At least 11 trains have been diverted and three others cancelled," added the PRO. Fire tenders were immediately rushed to the spot to douse the raging flames. According to Vikas Singh, a railway official, the train's driver, who was injured while trying to escape, had to be rushed to a hospital in an ambulance. Railway employees detached 31 other wagons of the train and fire tenders rushed from Lucknow and Bahraich. They were able to control the blaze after seven to eight hours, Srivastava said, and added, "Nearly 150-metre-long rail track on the down line and 50 metres on the up line has been badly damaged due to the fire." General manager of north-eastern railway B Ramachandran has ordered an inquiry and rail traffic on the route is likely to be restored by the evening. Senior railway officials have rushed to the spot, he said, adding that the loss is worth crores.

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Lucknow, Dec 7 (IANS) More than 16 bogies were gutted when a major fire broke out Friday on a goods train carrying petrol and headed for Gonda from here, officials said.

The fire was noticed near the Jarwal railway station in Bahraich around 3 a.m. By the time the train was stopped, the fire had spread.

The driver of the train attempted to put on emergency brakes as a result of which some bogies of the goods train overturned. Gusty winds stoked the fire further. More than a dozen fire tenders were rushed to the site to douse the blaze, said a police officer.

Railway officials from the nearby Colonelganj railway station rushed to the site. Residents from nearby Newli Purva village also came to help.

As a result of the incident, the schedule of more than 40 trains on the busy Lucknow-Howrah route has been disrupted. Two trains were cancelled, while seven trains have been diverted, said a railway official.

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Lucknow, Dec 12 (IANS) With the onset of winter, railway authorities here  - and throughout northern and eastern India - have begun to brace for the biggest and the deadliest challenge they face along with the chill: foggy conditions that every year disrupt traffic.

But even as the rail authorities have decided to cancel, partially cancel and divert  more than a dozen trains between January 1, 2013, and February 18, they say efforts are being undertaken "to minimize the impact of the fog".

Officials of  Northern Railway (NR) and North Eastern Railway (NER) have already begun training and deputing gangmen and other personnel for patrolling the tracks so that they get "used to the foggy conditions and working on the alert systems during the peak fog period of January", an official told IANS.

Divisional Railway manager (DRM) Vinod Kumar Yadav said that other than cancellation of trains in extreme conditions, the railways was "trying to increase awareness amongst key personnel to minimize the  chances of mishaps during near-blind visibility conditions. The officials would also obtain feedback from the gangmen to understand the  "reality at ground zero", he added.

S.K. Singh, the senior divisional traffic manager, said that  efforts were being also made to ensure "complete and flawless coordination between the station masters, controllers, locomotive inspectors,  power controllers, gatemen and fog signalmen" so as to not only  minimize but completely root out the probability of any mishap.

Indian Railways has already completed the work of painting the signal sighting  boards, signal poles and mishap-prone railway crossing gates and this time, bright yellow and black paint has been used for better identification, an official said.

Other than this, 133 fog safety devices have already been installed on the track sides to enable the train drivers calibrate their position viz-a-viz the visibility and be mindful of any inherent danger of collision or any other mishap, the official said.

The railways has also put in place a GPS technology-enabled system wherein train drivers would be briefed about signals and crossings 500 metres ahead of their location.

The railways has, as a matter of abundant caution, already cancelled trains like the Agra Cantt-New Delhi Intercity,  New  Delhi-Jallandhar Intercity, Hatia-Anand Vihar Terminus Jharkhand SJ  Express, Howrah-Delhi Janata Express, Kotdwar-Delhi Garhwal Express, Jaipur-Amritsar Express, Sitamarhi-Anand Vihar Terminus Lichhvi Express and Ujjain-Dehradun Ujjaini Express.

The trains that would remain partially cancelled during the one-month-plus period include Kolkata-Delhi Lal Quila Express between Mughalsarai  and Delhi and the Howrah-Sriganganagar Udyan Toofan Abha Express between Sriganganagar and Mughalsarai.

Fog bleeds the railways  every year as thousands of train tickets are cancelled owing to long delays of trains and cancellations.

Uttar Pradesh  saw its first foggy night Monday with visibility dropping in most parts  of the state.

Ten people were killed and 39 injured, 15 of them seriously, in three  accidents involving five passenger trains in Uttar Pradesh amid dense  fog and near zero visibility conditions in January 2010.

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LUDHIANA: People at the railway station froze at the sight of a  train pulling in with the engine on fire. As the  Amritsar-New Delhi Shan-e-Punjab arrived with flames leaping out of the engine, people screamed for help, terrified at the thought of crew stranded inside. But there were no casualties. Two to three coaches of the train pulled into platform number 1 around 5:10pm with the engine alight. A disaster was averted thanks to the quick response of the carriage and wagon department staff who set about dousing the fire. "We were really scared when we heard people shouting, fire. People at the railway station were staring at the train, horrified. All passengers got off the train. We are thankful to God that the  fire did not spread to other wagons," said Ritika, who was travelling in the train to Delhi with her son. "Our officers were quick to respond. We doused the fire successfully. The train resumed its journey after a delay of almost an hour," station superintendent R K Sharma said. 

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BAHRAICH: The petroleum wagon at the down railway track on Gorakhpur-Lucknow railway divisionstarted burning again on Wednesday as a result of which movement of trains was stopped.
The operation of trains remained affected for about three hours causing inconvenience to the passengers. The fire brigade vans from Barabanki and Gonda controlled the fire. The railway engineer and the security officers reached the spot and the rail traffic resumed late in the evening.

Baitalpur down goods train caught fire on Gorakhpur-Lucknow division, which caused huge damage and rail traffic resumed after 24 hours. The petroleum wagons of the goods train were still lying near the railway track. The wagons, which were lying near the down track caught fire again.

Railpage Australia™ Forums personnel Satya Prakash and VP Sharma told that the smoke rose all of a sudden and by the time they could understand the situation the flames started rising. The railway personnel present there put a red flag on the down train and informed top railway officials.

Okha Express going to Gorakhpur from Trivendrum was stalled at Jarwal road railway station while Bareily Express was stalled at Budhwal railway station. The goods trains were also stopped and a total of six trains remained affected.

The railway personnel said the petroleum wagons, which got derailed on the railway track on Friday were taken far away from the tracks and the  petrol was drained out but no one touched the wagons lying near the down track.

The petrol in the wagon could be the cause of fire.

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New Delhi, Dec 14 (IANS) The modernization and safety of Indian Railways will require Rs.660,000 crore ($120 billion), parliament was told Friday.

The Expert Group for Modernization of Indian Railways has indicated that modernization would need Rs.560,000 crore over the 12th and 13th Five Year Plans, Railway Minister P.K. Bansal said.

The High Level Safety Review Committee has indicated an investment requirement of Rs.100,000 crore over a period of five years, Bansal told the Rajya Sabha.

While the modernization group was headed by Sam Pitroda, the safety committee was chaired by Anil Kakodkar.

The minister said the recommendations of both the panels were under examination in the railway ministry.

"The actual requirement of resources for modernization and safety would depend on the recommendations accepted by the government," he said.

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New Delhi, Dec 14 (IANS) Railway accidents in India since 2009 left 507 people dead, the government said Friday.

Minister of State for Railways K.J. Surya Prakash Reddy told the Rajya Sabha that the figure was 68 in 2009-10, 251 in 2010-11, 115 in 2011-12, and 73 till November 2012.

These figures did not include deaths due to intrusion at unmanned level crossing by road vehicles, he said in a statement.

The total accidents took place in all 16 railway divisions in the country.

The statement said the 251 deaths of 2010-11 included the 152 who died in the derailment and collision of Jnaneswari Express near Kharagpur in May 2010 due to sabotage.

The minister said there was no general policy to provide employment to dependents of those who die in train accidents.

"However, considering the human suffering in major train accidents, employment has been provided purely as a humanitarian gesture whenever an announcement was made by the railway minister," he said.

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Bhopal, Dec. 19 -- Railway's Bhopal-based senior circle security commissioner AK Agnihotri's report on death of Rajeev Gaur, executive president JP Power Venture Ltd, raises more questions than it settles them. The report circulated on Monday puts the blame of the incident on the deceased and gives a clean chit to railway authorities. Gaur had died on December 16 when he fell off the Southern Express near Kulhar station. Agnihotri's report states that Gaur had boarded a wrong compartment, which was locked and when the gate didn't open, he continued holding on to the it even as the train left the Mandi Bamora station, where he had boarded the train.

The report points out that Gaur had boarded a wrong compartment in haste and his personal security officer (PSO) rushed to station master Mandi Bamora, Arvind Sahu, when he found that Gaur had not alighted the train and left hanging on the gate of the compartment. He requested Sahu to stop the train at 9.19am. Sahu, forwarded the information to Amit Arya, deputy station superintendent (DSS), at the Kulhar station. The train passed Kulhar station at 9.22am and Arya could see a person hanging from the gate of the compartment next to the engine and passed on the information RK Meena, to DSS Chhuleta station, and the control room. A minute later i.e. at 9.23am, Gaur fell off the train and died.

There is no reference in the report as to what Sahu or Arya did to stop the train or to establish contact with staff on the train to alert them that life of a person clinging on to the gate of a compartment was at risk. When asked was it not the railway's responsibility to try and save Gaur though he had indeed made a mistake, Agnihotri refused to comment, saying that GRP was investigating the matter and its officials should be asked questions about the incident. He also said that the divisional railway manager (DRM) would be a better person to answer the questions. When told that an inquiry report submitted by him into the incident was circulated in the media on Monday, Agnihotri said he had not submitted any such report. A senior officer at DRM office, however, said on the condition of anonymity that nothing could be done to stop the train probably because of time constraint. "By the time Sahu came to know about Gaur hanging on the gate, the train had crossed the signal and Arya, who got the information at 9.19am hardly got any time to react."

He, however, maintained that presence of mind and effective intervention in such situations varies from one person to another and a person with a more agile mind could have stopped the train and saved Gaur.

DRM Rajiv Chaudhary said, "It is the duty of every railway employee to save the life of passengers. In this case also our officials tried their best to save the victim."

However, the case hinges not on what the officials did, rather, the question here is what they could have done to save Gaur.

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New Delhi, Dec. 21 -- Running trains have accidentally killed 62 elephants, incidentally the mascot of the Indian Railways, in five years. A CAG report revealed that most of these deaths, about 43 during 2006-11, have been reported from the Northeast Frontier Railway Zone that includes the northeast states. The CAG came down heavily on the Indian Railways for violating environmental norms, since many of the fatalities are concentrated in Assam, stretches of which have rail lines across forested areas and known elephant corridors.

While large numbers of wildlife are known to have been killed by trains, figures are available only for large animals like elephants.

The national auditor castigated the Indian Railways for failing to formulate comprehensive environmental guidelines for handling and transportation of bulk pollution intensive commodities like coal, iron ore, cement, fertilisers.

"There is no separate directorate or cell at the Railway Board level to co-ordinate various environmental issues involved in their operations," the CAG report said.

The railways are the single largest user of both energy and water in the country, consuming about 1.61 billion KWh of electricity during 2010-11 as against the national consumption of 568 billion KWh.

"Thus the policies adopted by it have a substantial impact on the conservation of both water and energy in the country," the report said. The Indian Railways policies on conservation of forests and wildlife play an important catalytic role in conserving the natural habitat and should act as a trendsetter.

"Indian Railways is yet to finalise the technology...despite two decades of experimentation," the CAG report added, with respect to its environmental responsibilities.
Published by HT Syndication with permission from Hindustan Times.

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KOLKATA:  Train services to and from Howrah and Sealdahwere severely affected on Friday evening due to the derailment of four loaded bogies of a goods train near Andal in the Asansol division of Eastern Railway.
The derailment took place around 5.20 pm, blocking three of the four lines. Several trains were affected as railway officials struggled to accomodate them through the only available line. The worst affected were Howrah -bound passengers who had expected to reach home in trains like the Black Diamond Express. These trains were delayed by several hours each and passengers would reach Howrah at hours when there was little hope of getting public transport.

"We worked fast and got two lines cleared within an hour. We could pass trains through three lines after that and the situation improved. However, some trains got delayed," an  Eastern Railway official said

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Mumbai, Dec. 25 -- In what could have led to a major accident, a CST-bound harbour train went off its route and was diverted to the Mahim yard on Monday morning.

According to sources, the train, which was carrying several passengers, started from Bandra at 4.45am. However, it was diverted to the yard.

The alert motorman applied the emergency breaks, but a few coaches had entered the yard.

While the Western Railway (WR) said it was because of a technical glitch, officials said it could have been dangerous if another train was stabled ahead of the diverted rake. It could have even resulted in derailment.

Officials said it was possible that there was a problem in the railway relay interlocking, which controls crossing points and signals, or the control room.

Mahesh Kumar, general manager, WR, said, "The train was diverted because of a technical problem." A CR spokesperson confirmed the incident.

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Dec. 25: Fifteen coal-laden wagons of a goods train derailed in Burdwan this afternoon, blocking rail traffic and leading to the cancellation of several long-distance trains.

Even at 8pm today, work was on to clear the tracks. Railway officials said the wagons carrying coal overturned between Debipur and Boinchi in Burdwan at 12.40pm and damaged the tracks. Train services in the Howrah-Burdwan main line route of Eastern Railway could not be started till late in the night as repairs continued.

The officials said 13 long distance trains such as the Howrah-Delhi Janata Express, Howrah-Malda Express, Howrah-Azimganj Express and Howrah-Rampurhat passenger were cancelled. Several trains were diverted.

"Truncated local train services were run between Bandel and Boinchi and between Memari and Burdwan," a railway spokesperson said. "The wagons are being removed with cranes. But even after removing them, it will take some time for trains to run as the tracks are severely damaged," he added.

Many of those inconvenienced were going on vacation. "I was planning a trip with my friends and family members to Burdwan. But we had to cancel it after learning about the derailment," said Bhaskar Banerjee, a trader from Bandel.

Ashok Paul, a teacher from Memari had gone to Alipore zoo with his family but was stranded at Howrah station on his way back. "I don't know how to get back home. Trains are the main mode of transport from here," Paul said.

Railway officials said although truncated services were started in the evening, trains were suspended between Boinchi and Memari, a 12km stretch. Two long-distance trains were stranded within hours of the derailment.

The Howrah-Sri Ganganagar Udyan Abha Toofan Express, which was stranded at Bandel, was drawn back to Howrah and run via the Howrah-Burdwan Chord line.

The Howrah-bound Bagh Express, which reached Memari just after the derailment, was taken back to Burdwan and brought to Howrah through the diverted Chord route.

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PATNA: Even as the number of accidents on the track has come down in recent months, East Central Railway (ECR) has decided to further improve safety measures.
"We are constantly monitoring safety measures at both the manned and unmanned gates to check mishaps," ECR GM B P Khare told a meeting of the ECR's Zonal Railway Users' Consultative Committee (ZRUCC) here on Saturday. He admitted the railways needed more additional coaches to cope with the rush of passengers. Railways has started manufacturing bio-toilets-fitted coaches so as to keep the tracks clean, he said and added coach factories were manufacturing about 3,500 coaches every year. According to the GM, the railways has taken various steps to improve passenger amenities on running trains as well as platforms. Though there is a paucity of coaches at the national level, ECR is making all efforts to effectively utilize coaches available with the zone, he said. RJD leader and MP  Ram Kripal Yadav demanded early completion of the pending projects of railways in Bihar. He also stressed the need of building a third line between Mughalsarai and Mokama on the mainline section of Danapur division so that traffic movement could be streamlined. Yadav urged the railways to improve sanitary condition in and around Patna Junction. JD-U leader and Ara MP  Meena Singh demanded more passenger amenities at Ara station. She urged ECR the GM to immediately sanction a proposal to build an ROB at the eastern railway crossing gate at Ara station. She also demanded stoppage of a few local trains at Karisath station. MLC Binod Kumar Choudhary said the railways should improve passenger amenities at Darbhanga station. He demanded an increase in the frequency of Garib Rath and Pawan Express. Most of the members demanded introduction of new trains to Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore; stoppage of trains and cleanliness drive on the running trains. They also urged the railways to make a regular surprise check on meals being served to passengers. One of the members urged the ECR GM to ensure availability of information about special trains on the integrated railway inquiry system 139. Earlier, the GM welcomed the guests and highlighted the achievements of ECR during the current fiscal year. He assured the members that the railways would look into their genuine demands. Deputy GM  A K Jha conducted the meeting while chief electrical engineer and AGM R K Singh proposed a vote of thanks.


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CHANDIGARH: Travelling in trains in heavy  fog may get safer now.  Indian Railways is planning a project that will have sensors on tracks, which will warn trains of any obstruction on tracks in fog conditions. During winter, a large number of accidents take place on tracks due to  low visibility caused by fog.

Union railway minister  Pawan Kumar Bansal said here on Saturday that this is a part of the steps taken by the Indian Railways to ensure safety. Safety plans also include fencing of railway tracks, which will begin with the  Delhi-Agra track, he informed.

"Safety of passengers especially during fog is a priority. The technology involves installing a chip on tracks which would sense an approaching train at a distance of almost 900 meters to one kilometer and warn it of any obstruction, like a stationary train, on the same tracks," said Bansal.

"Services get affected during winter due to fog and trains not only run late, but passengers' safety becomes a concern. Besides, availability of signals at proper distances along tracks is crucial and work is on in this regard," said Bansal.

Bansal said Indian Railways will also begin work on fencing tracks. The project will begin with the Delhi-Agra track. "It is a Herculean task, with over 60,000-km tracks. We will do this in the PPP model where private players can put up their bill boards," said Bnsal.

Bansal said railways has also identified 100 railway stations across the country that where cleanliness and sanitation drives will be conducted in a big scale. Most of these stations would be in religious cities like Amritsar and Varanasi.
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HUBLI: The  Hyderabad-Kholapur Express collided with a  goods train near here on Saturday morning, police said. The Express which left from Bellary at 9am rammed into a goods train carrying empty wagons when it was waiting on the Bellary bypass line.

According to preliminary reports, failure of a signal was stated to be the reason for the mishap. Three bogies of the goods train derailed in the collision. The goods train was bound for Andhra Pradesh with mining material.

Medical Relief Van from Guntakal left at 09-30 hrs. With operating officials from Guntakal and arrived Bellary at 11-15 hrs. Break down special from Hospet also reached the spot.  Accident Relief Train (ART) with officials of Hubli division also left from Hubli to the accident spot.

Following the derailment, the main line towards Hubli and branch line towards Rayadurga was affected. The restoration of track work is in progress. Hyderabad-Kolhapur Express continued its journey towards Kolhapur with another diesel engine attached to itat 11.50 am. Speaking to STOI, G Shankar, Sub Inspector, Bellary Railway Police station, said that there were no casualties.

Trains cancelled

The following trains were partially cancelled on Saturday: Train no. 56909 Bangalore-Hospet Passenger between Bellary and Hospet stations; 56910 Hospet-Bangalore Passenger between Hospet and Bellary stations; 51412 Hubli-Bellary Passenger between Tornagallu and Bellary stations; 51411 Bellary-Dharwad Passenger between Bellary and Tornagallu stations and 57454 Guntakal-Bellary Passenger between Hardinagund and Bellary stations and 57453 Bellary-Guntakal Passenger between Bellary and Hardinagund stations.

Train between Indore-Yeshwantpur

Western Railway (WR) will run weekly super fast special trains between Indore-Yeshwantpur-Indore (09307/09308) from Indore on Sundays, from December 30, 2012 to January 27, 2013 (5 trips only) and from Yeshwantpur end on Tuesdays, commencing from January 1 to 29, 2013 (5 trips only).
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Safety issues delay building railway line intended for Rowghat project


29 December 2012

The development of the construction work of railway line for the Rowghat iron ore project for Bhilai steel plant came up for a review at a meeting, Minister of State for Railways Mr. Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, had in past two days at Raipur with the senior officials of the South-East-Central Railway(SECR).

The Minister was told that the first phase work, covering a stretch of about 35 kilometer (km), was progressing as there were no security issues involved.

Though, the future of the remaining stretches, about 60 km from Bhanupratappur to Rowghat, remained uncertain in view of security concern — the area being a Maoist strong hold.

Proper security arrangements would be needed before the work could be started. The requisitions had been placed for additional contingents of security forces and Union Home Ministry had been posted of the development.

The Minister noted that with 3% share of the total railway workforce and 4% the Indian Railways’ total route km, SECR was the single largest freight loading zonal railway accounting for 15% of total originating freight traffic volumes and 16% of the freight earning of the Indian Railways.

It also accounted for an estimated 11% of the total revenue earning (both freight and non-freight) of the Indian Railways.

In 2011-12, SECR handled 150.7 million tonnes (mt ) but unlikely to achieve the targeted 158 mt in 2012-13 due to various factors, the most important being the non-availability of coal in first half of the current fiscal. Coal accounts for an estimated 75% of the SECR’s total originating freight traffic.

The Minister also inspected the Raipur railway station, laid foundation stones for a few passenger amenities projects, visited the Railpage Australia™ Forums barracks and interacted with the cross-sections of railways users as well as social organizations.


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