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  scott4570 Chief Train Controller

Can anyone please advise what happened to the 7:30am ex Berowra to Richmond via the North Shore A set. For the last 3 weeks this service has been run by either a K set or T set.

With the introduction of the last few Waratah A sets to Sector 3 (North and Western Line Services) replacing K set Rosters, the Timetable was slightly amended, on a more permanent basis, to accommodate all of the 40 A set Rosters now in operation, together with the reduced number of K set Rosters still required.

The changes ensure Maintenance Cycles are efficiently maintained and suitable Stabling arrangements can be achieved.
All this could result in some Services having a change in consist.

The Up Service ex Berowra at 0732 hours, prior to the June Long weekend, was tabled with a A set consist, on and from June 10, this Service is tabled with a T set consist.

- Scott.

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