Big loco's from across the pond now calling australia home

  AC16 Deputy Commissioner

According to heritage railway magazine the dobwall's 7 1/4" models of the UP locomotives are coming to australia under the ownership of one Colin Rees of Melbourne. for those not familiar with the dobwall loco's they include a 800 class a UP big boy 1x Dash 9 1x SD40, and afew other steamers

Apparently there is talk of them working a line to puffing billy (as a private op.) any one have any info to support this?


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  AC16 Deputy Commissioner

Oh btw Dobwalls is in the UK

list of locos

Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 No. X4008 "William Jeffers"

Union Pacific 4-8-2 No. 818 "Queen of Wyoming"

Union Pacific 4-8-2 No. 838 "Queen of Nebraska"

Rio Grande 2-8-2 No. 488 "General Palmer"

Rio Grande 2-8-2 No. 498 "Otto Mears"

Diesel Locomotives

Union Pacific DDA40X Do-Do No.6908 "Centennial"

Rio Grande GP35 Bo-Bo No.3008 "Mathias Baldwin"

Santa Fe FP45 Co-Co No.5908 "Pioneer"

Amtrak E8 No. 248 "Spirit of America"
  B 67 Chief Commissioner

Location: Central Gippsland
Well, this is certainly interesting news. I've seen some of these locos in books and magazines over the last few decades (including the old History of Model and Miniature Railways in the 1970s). The possibility of seeing them in action locally is certainly not something I ever expected.
  Coils Junior Train Controller

Location: Victoria
The purchase is certainly true. I do not know if all locos are included but believe that is the case. They have been unloaded in Melbourne and are destined for a private railway still in the formative stages on land near to the Belgrave - Menzies Creek line
  Sammy D Chief Commissioner

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
I have been lucky enough to visit the collection at its new home and It is like nothing like I have ever seen before.

The size of the engines is incredible! the Big Boy is 22 Feet Long! It's firebox is over two feet long!

The collection has a lot of work that needs doing to it but when they are ready to go it will be an amazing site.

The owner has a team of people helping him including key people from Puffing Billy.

The whole collection has come over except Geberal Palmer is currenly undergoing overhaul.
The owner has also purchased John Bone's K36 so he will have 3 K36's!

We are looking at having some if not all the locos visit DVR at some point in time when they are running  Very Happy

The private railway will blow everything away if it happens.

The new owners name has been printed in Steam Railway magazine however all I will say is he is well known.
  Bigwato Chief Commissioner

Location: Craigieburn Victoria
Are these the trains we are talking about?
  Bulbous Assistant Commissioner

Are these locos 1.5/1.6 inch scale, or are they overscale? Having seen US Challengers at Train Mountain, I didn't think the tenders on those were wide enough to sit in?

Very interesting though, might have to make a trip with the family to Melbourne when this is up and going - my little girl will go out of her mind seeing those running!

Also, just going by the road numbers given in the post above, the two '4-8-2' 800's should be 4-8-4's, shouldn't they?
  Sammy D Chief Commissioner

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Are these the trains we are talking about?

Yes that is the ones.
  speedemon08 Mary

Location: I think by now you should have figured it out
Sweet, A Big Boy!. I wondered if someone had made one.
  K160 Minister for Railways

Location: Bendigo
Is this the same collection that featured in a BBC documentary "Great Railways" about 20 years ago? They had a fairly big model Big Boy on it.
  AC16 Deputy Commissioner

Is this the same collection that featured in a BBC documentary "Great Railways" about 20 years ago? They had a fairly big model Big Boy on it.

thats the ones, sounds like an interesting project


  K160 Minister for Railways

Location: Bendigo
Excellent! I was impressed with the footage. Be even more impressed to inspect the real thing on local soil.  8)
  southpass Station Master

Location: Bribie Island
May be some will find these photo's interesting.
  Sammy D Chief Commissioner

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
The Queen of Nebraska's tender was at DVR today being towed around to test how it will go.
  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
and how did it go?

David Head
  Sammy D Chief Commissioner

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
and how did it go?

David Head

Good by all acounts I was up there working on the Picnic site but they all appeared to look happy with how it went.
  AC16 Deputy Commissioner

Next bit of fun will be seeing if the engine unit goes around as well  Laughing will be great to see those UP's at DVR occassionally
  d1565 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Perth
i wouldnt think thered be a clearance issue, lineside clearances at dvr are pretty generous... rigid wheelbase maybe an issue but if the engines have sufficient sideplay in a couple of axles....or at the very least thinned out flanges on the centre axles should be ok..
  AC16 Deputy Commissioner

my thinking would be the wheel profiles may be an issue. the poms have a nasty habit of having square flanges.
  brasstrain Banned

Location: Banned
Must have cost a fortune to not only purchase these locos but transport them to Australia.  The Big Boy at least $80K+?
  AC16 Deputy Commissioner

I have had a 7 1/4" simplex sent over for 400au, according to Heritage railway it was sent in a 40ft container, so how much do they cost to send over?

  Robuster Chief Train Controller

Location: Werribee

Shipping stuff to Australia is cheap. If you have a container even better.
You would be surprised at the cost or lack of in sea freight....

  SJB Deputy Commissioner

Location: Sydney, NSW
Just dont be surprised if Customs hold onto it for a couple of days
  waghorri Beginner

Location: Cornwall, UK
Hello from a new member in not so sunny England. I live in Dobwalls in the UK and I watched John Southern the previous owner grow this vast collection from nothing.

Everyone was amazed when he purchased Big Boy for just over £250,000 well over 20 years ago. We will all miss them but I am glad that they have gone to a home which will care and appreciate them all.

I was 3 years when I first visited the "Forest Railroad Park" at Dobwalls, Cornwall UK and I visited (as I did living so close) every year until the year all the loco's went up for sale. I'm now 42 years old and my love, interest and passion for my 7 1/4 gauge collection started as a result of the loco's now at home in Australia.

I will keep my ears and eyes open for how they are going.


Dobwalls UK.

PS - In case anyone is interested they have turned the massive park that the trains used to work in, in to an art centre and eco friendly homes ! God help us............
  Sammy D Chief Commissioner

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Article in the current issue of AME Magazine about the collection. Written by Bob Carlisle, it is an interesting read. Looking
forward to DVR's 50th B'day as at least 1 of the Locos "SHOULD" be attending hopefully in Steam.

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