Pacific National trainee and qualified drivers - NSW & VIC

  johndory Junior Train Controller

yeah,700 peolpe applied, 23 to the interview stage, down to 12 for pysch and medial, then down to 8 for the jobs.

only problem i see that its fixed term for 12 months, now depending how the company is going after 12 months is the question wheather they take u on.

Was the 700 just for Enfield or was the total of all applicants in response to the ad?

Would be interesting to see what percentages of the 700 were applying for trainee/qualified positions.

A 'friend' applied  for a drivers position at Enfield but to date has not heard anything back (but this could be due to submitting his application after the cut off time on the last day, this may not help).

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  Factory_Fill Deputy Commissioner

Location: Melbourne VIC
Seems like there is another one going in Melbourne:

Anyone know any further details about it? What kind of base salary are the Intermodal guys on?
  vx255 Junior Train Controller

Location: Berwick, Victoria
Seems like there is another one going in Melbourne:

Anyone know any further details about it? What kind of base salary are the Intermodal guys on?

I've applied, I had a chance when I worked for the railways as a signalman in late 80's and didn't pursue it, been kicking myself ever since.

regards Eddie
  SmokeyDawson Locomotive Driver

Location: Overtaking cars while L/E
Intrevies for Vic on tuesday as I have been told.
  warren78 Junior Train Controller

Location: Victoria
ANy one apply for the melb intermodal jobs ?
  ekni123 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Newport, Victoria
ANy one apply for the melb intermodal jobs ?

I did, but haven't heard anything back yet, only applied last Thursday though Confused

Anyone else apply? or heard anything back?
  warren78 Junior Train Controller

Location: Victoria
Applications closed on friday
  CAT512 Station Master

I've applied to (intermodal) - fingers crossed. Let you guys know if i hear anything.
  warren78 Junior Train Controller

Location: Victoria
Any one heard back about Melbourne trainee jobs ?
  Sammy D Chief Commissioner

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Any one heard back about Melbourne trainee jobs ?

They have all been filled.

Congrats to anyone who got through.
  warren78 Junior Train Controller

Location: Victoria
What the melb jobs applications only closed a week ago for intermodal
  loco-uno Station Master

Got an email this afternoon saying thanks for taking the time.
  CAT512 Station Master

I haven't heard anything yet either-way - not exactly confident though.
  CAT512 Station Master

Hi Guys. Got my standard thanks but no thanks email yesterday.

I'm really bewildered by what type of person they are wanting for these positions as I (in my own humble opinion) meet the requirements with the exception being regular shift work experience. As it is I average 75+ hours a week as it is.

Oh well I'll just keep on keeping on.
  Skipdaddyo Chief Train Controller

Location: Living the dream
Hopefully the extra time it took to get yours meant you got a heck of a lot closer than the rest of us did.
  trainfreak Site Admin


Was this for the intermodal positions?
  warren78 Junior Train Controller

Location: Victoria
I didnt even get a thanks for coming email
  CAT512 Station Master

Yes it was for intermodal melbourne.

I think the delay for my response was more a function of a large number of applications rather then being better than anyone else.

Good luck to those still in the running.
  GAS351 Train Controller

Im positive its an inside job- dont be too disheartened.
  CAT512 Station Master

Yeah - thats what i kind of figured. Any loco trainee position in Victoria is rare as hens teeth. There has to be plenty of people who already work for PN and/or are already in the rail industry who apply for these jobs so I imagine they would get a guernsey before me (which is fair enough I guess).

In all my time on this board (i've bee lurking around here for a while) I have heard plenty of people apply for these Victorian trainee positions but never actually hear of anyone getting one.

Seems to be a bit different intestate where they have large intakes but I'm not in a position to re-locate at the moment.
  G41 Chief Commissioner

Location: Footplate of any K class
A word of advice if I may...

I've been in the victorian suburban signalling grade for nearly 3 years now, 5 years ago I started applying for Trainee Positions on the loco's, and like most people, simply was just a, thanks for applying but unfortunatly blah blah....

Untill now....I apply for the recent intake of Trainee's for Dynon Bulk in Melbourne, and was surprised when I got the interview, test's, medicals and that call i've been waiting years for, congraulations....

Anyway, my point I guess is not to just settle for something on the loco. Set yourself a goal, apply for anything that might interest you slightly, and then just see what happens. I've always wanted to be on the loco and now at only 24 y/o, my dream is coming to life. It is easier being in the industry, but there was a few ppl to be taken on that didnt already work for the railways.

Dont loose hope and just keep trying!
  GAS351 Train Controller

The ability to cope with shift work is very important. Thats not to say people outside the rail industry wont get it but you would be suprised how hard it really is, in the long term that is!
  SeaholmeWanderer Junior Train Controller

Location: Bairnsdale
I agree with the last post the ability to cope with shift work is very important.
Fot those of you not in the know, you basically work long hours and on a 24 hr 7 day a week live run roster.

That is to say for example you may be on days off come onto work say a 0600 something to rest say Melb or Newcastle depending on what State your in then have seven hours off at a motel to return on another train, you wont know your next shift generally untill you sign off from the one your working.
So say it takes 11 hrs to get to your camp sign off at 1700.
After 7 hours rest they have you back on a return at say 0000.
This time you get a good run and it took only 6 hrs to get home so you sign off at 0600 and are advised that  your next job will be something at say 2200 the same day by car and relieve a crew.
This goes on day after day  24 hrs 7 days a week and this is what people generally dont know when you say shift work.
They wrongly assume a fixed roster knowing what hours your working when and where days in advance.
This is not how the railway freight system opperates.

If your keen keep applying and again like earlier posts keep trying or just get yourself into the industry.



This is just a basic example of how the live run roster works
  CAT512 Station Master

Thanks for all that and congrats to G41.

Yep i've researched all the ins and out as much as i can especially with regards to rostering and time away etc - still sounds ok compared to averaging 70+ hours a week....but its not what i want to continue doing (the money is fantastic but you do work for it).

Will try again next time - might try and do a course with ART or something.
  Combo Locomotive Fireman

Hey guys!

Well i am one of those many trying to get into the rail industry as a driver but seems i have missed the latest intake for QRN and PN. I was just wondering how often do PN put up opportunities for new trainee drivers within the Newcastle are  Question

Thanks in advance guys!

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