NSW Budd cars conversion..

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Confused  Good afternoon folks. I have recently found time to come back to modelling and whilst digging around in my "stuff" found a set of Athearn Budd cars I had purchased to, at some stage, convert to look alikes for my layout. In the dim dark recesses I recall seeing an article in AMRM on this very conversion but can't for the life of me find it. I have tried my friend the search button to no avail. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction please?

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Type in "BUDD" in search description and take your pick



Title Issue Date Page Type Author
NSWR Budd Diesel Car AMRM #7 April / May 1964 18 Plan Van, Paul
Budd RDC in 2mm Scale AMRM #7 April / May 1964 18 Article Van, Paul
Budd Cars and the RDC AMRM #88 January / February 1978 19 Article  
NSW Budd Cars AMRM #217 August 1999 25 Article Kahler, Garry
Pair of NSW Budd Cars AMRM #217 August 1999 26 Article Greer, Euan
Repowering the Budd Cars AMRM #217 August 1999 29 Article Kahler, Garry
Gearing the Athearn Budd Cars AMRM #221 April 2000 33 Article Jarvis, Peter
Budd Car for the Commonwealth AMRM #243 December 2003 39 Article Dunn, Ian
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SmileMany thanks, I'll follow up on this info.

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