Hanovale PCH kit

  4815 Station Master

Are Hanovale kits of the PCH car, self propelled form, still available? What is the best form of propulsion, spud or build a chassis?


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  drover Chief Train Controller

Location: where caseyjones isn't
sorry to dig this up,but does Mr hanovale still do these on request,i'm lookin at needing 4 de-motor version
  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
  Coastboy7 Locomotive Fireman

Mr Hanovale did do a run of these especially for members of this group.  This was very good of him.  Send him an email, you never know your luck.  Also pm me.   Cheers bob
  drover Chief Train Controller

Location: where caseyjones isn't
Any body got his email for me please
  ALCO4401 Train Controller

Location: On the Branch waiting for a train order, west of Tarana
Email address is


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