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  kenify Station Master

I intend to start travelling next year with the good lady and am wondering which caravan parks around the country have good rail spotting locations.  I want to be able to mysteriously turn up without the good lady realizing that I have a cunning plan.

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  Valvegear The Ghost of George Stephenson

Location: Norda Fittazroy
When she wakes to it, prepare for a thick ear !
  stuart Locomotive Fireman

Location: Adelaide SA
Shoreline Caravan Park. Port Augusta.
Well equiped waterfront cabins with verandahs facing Spencer Gulf with Spencer Yard on the other side of the water about 200m away.
  bingley hall Minister for Railways

Location: Last train to Skaville
Stirling North - run by an ex railwayman.
  2001 Moderator The Snow Lord

Location: The road jump at Charlotte Pass. Paxman Valenta on two planks.
In the same region as the previous two posters :

The Brook Caravan Park @ Crystal Brook,0,5934820675618569637&ei=kS-3TsDQNaWZiAeL3f35AQ&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&ved=0CCoQ_BI

Intermodal trains, ore trains, grain trains, Ghan, IP ... etc
  kenify Station Master

Thanks for the tips, also Mrs Kenify has slept through an earthquake, so a couple of trains rolling through shouldn't disturb her.  Any other tips out there?
  Speed Minister for Railways

I don't think that Valvegear literally means "wakes up".

He means more "when she works out how you selected the campsites".
  daves_t186 Chief Train Controller

Delorane in Tasmania. I was going to camp for two nights..........ended up staying a whole week. My tent was literally 10 metres from the railway line! There's a lot of un-rail related stuff in the area to keep the missus happy too.
  9034 Train Controller

Junee Tourist Park is close to the branch  and grain terminal so if there is a grain lift on there can be lots of movements.  Loco's have to use the nearby level crossing to run around the train so there can be plenty of warning to set up for a photograph.

  C3827 Junior Train Controller

Lithgow Caravan Park - beside main western line. Gets all the coalies as well as the occasional intermodal to Blalney. Dubbo and grain trains from Manildra.
  kenify Station Master

Bump, all useful suggestions, any more options?  We start our travels in Jul.
  beyerpeacock Assistant Commissioner

Location: Gorton Foundry
Lake Liddell camping ground in the Hunter Valley.
  Valvegear The Ghost of George Stephenson

Location: Norda Fittazroy
The most frustrating of all time was Painters Island Caravan Park at Wangaratta.  You could hear every train very clearly about 200 metres away, and couldn't see a thing.
  johnboy Chief Commissioner

Location: Up the road from Gulgong
Emu Plains (Penrith) NSW is right next to the Main Western, but I wouldn't call it the best park in the land.

A list of parks and reports is here:
I dont know they will be specific in where the rail line is....

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