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  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne
Hi all,

I've just pushed a new update through to the codebase. This update includes:

  • Discussion threads for news articles

  • Simplified rich text editor

  • Assorted bugfixes

Please use the Bugs and Feedback thread to report any, well, bugs and feedback Smile

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  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne
Hi all,

Another update :-

  • Poll index is now operational

  • Poll results are now displayed with a pie chart breaking down the percentage of votes cast. 

  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne
Hi folks,

This is a big update Smile

  • New search module (that actually searches the site!)

  • Bugfixes! Smile 

  • Changing character set to UTF-8 - it shouldn't make much difference to most people, it's a technical thing

  • Added support for Gravatar avatars

  • Members can now add Flickr photos to their gallery of favourites

  • Railpage events calendar can be imported into your favourite calendar application (Outlook, iCal, etc)

  • Auto-embedding of Flickr photos, photo streams, photo sets, and YouTube videos based on the URL 

  • Members can now chose whether the front page sidebar displays new forum posts or extra news items

Please use the Bugs and Feedback thread to report any faults.

Michael Smile
  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne
Hi guys, another update. 

I've added a "Search thread" button to the top of each thread - as the name implies, you can now search within the posts of a particular thread. 

Cheers Smile
  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne
It's aliiiiiive!


  • Locos database

  • Organisations module (data being added every day!)

  • Bookmarklet for tagging photos on Flickr

  • Ability to track logins of your own account (in case of suspicious activity)

  • Ability to revoke "remember me" login credentials for a computer you may have forgotten to log out of

  • Register account using Facebook

  • Log into existing account via Facebook

  • Optional site-wide SSL browsing option (ensure your session is protected from session hijacking)

  • Ability to add tags to forum posts and news articles (ties in with Flickr tags). A UI for viewing tags will be added shortly. 


  • Performance tweaks

  • Redesigned image gallery (now shows Flickr tags, locations, and liveries)

  • Redesigned PM module using conversation view

  • Ginormous bugfix list

  • UI tweaks

Let me know via the new Railpage 3.3 Bugs and Feedback thread if there are any faults. 

  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne
Minor update:

To view the map go to a loco's Locos DB page (eg and click on "Place this loco on a map"
  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne

Hi all,

We're now running on RP3.4!

New features and updates in this version:

  • New homepage

  • Locos in the Locomotives Database can now show the entire ownership / operatorship history

  • Loco photos can now be placed on a map

  • Class photos can now be placed on a map

  • Liveries page is much faster to load

  • New Railcams module

  • New Routes module, which will be growing and evolving soon!

  • Lots more bugfixes and speed improvements

  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne
More updates to Railpage! We're now running version 3.5 Smile

New features
  • New text editor! It's easier and more reliable than the old one
  • The new text editor will only keep one nested quote in your reply
  • Site performance improvements
  • Updates to the Locos and Routes modules
  • New sightings module! This links into the Locos module and - over time - the Routes and Locations modules
  • Changes to the Railcams module: this is in active development as we speak and will become finished over the coming days. Please bear with us Smile
  • edit - almost forgot! I've tweaked our site theme and optimised it for iPads (it helps when the lead developer has one to test with!)

As usual this update includes lots and lots of bug fixes. Unfortunately a side effect of the recent server update we performed was a new version of PHP (5.4) which removed a lot of really really old PHP functions. I've been working hard to reflect these changes in the codebase but as usual if you find something broken then please log it in the RP3.5 Bugs and Feedback thread.

  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne
Hello everyone!

I've just pushed through a new version - 3.6.

Included in this update:

  • New: Updated forum post editing environment
  • New: Restructured site menu
  • New: Better feedback when banned from Railpage (either accidentally or because you've broken the rules!)
  • Fix: Linking your Flickr account to Railpage has been fixed
  • New: Image Gallery fullsize photo. If you've linked your Flickr account to Railpage you can now favourite and comment on photos from within Railpage; it also shows you where the photo was taken and any locos tagged
  • Fix: Relative URLs (eg /locos or /locations) in forum posts now work once again

There's a stack of other bugfixes and minor updates as well. Enjoy! Smile
  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne
Hi guys,

Version 3.7 has landed and introduces a heap of new features including:

  • Updated UI
  • Dramatically improved iPad UI
  • Instant search throughout the site
  • Improved advanced search
  • Railcam photo archives

  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne
Version 3.8 is now live!

Mostly a maintenance release, this features many under-the-hood code changes to improve speed and performance as well as help prepare us for future growth.

We have lots of bug fixes and better integration with social networks Smile

  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne
Minor update for some features that didn't quite make the cut:

You may see some fancy embedded data shown for various Railpage resources - locos, locations, photos, etc from now on. These are known as Cards. To use them, all you need to do is paste in the address (URL) of a page on Railpage, and our code will do the rest.

You can see a few examples below:

There's also a few minor bug fixes, such as Flickr photos now showing a description (not sure how that slipped by for so long...!) Smile
  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne
RP 3.9.0 is released!

Major changes

  • Refreshed theme
  • Rebuilt Events (formerly Calendar) module
  • New Jobs module
  • New Ideas module
  • New Glossary module
  • New login screen
  • Integration with Google OAuth, allowing account creation and login with a Google account
  • Web fonts (Google Chrome v37 uses Windows' DirectWrite font rendering engine, which makes our previous fonts look rubbish)
  • New Reminders module, enabling email alerts to be sent out (for example) when a calendar event is nearing commencement
  • Return of the old G1 Gallery (#187)
  • Filter news articles on homepage by topic and/or keyword (#188)
  • Migrated loco module images from Flickr to RailpageImagesImage, allowing for Flickr and non-Flickr images to be displayed side-by-side
  • Twitter-like @mentions in forum posts (#192)

Minor changes / behind the scenes

  • Flickr API code adjusted to Flickr's SSL-only limitation
  • Improved password reset mechanism
  • Star rating for photos has been removed
  • Index & search the Help & FAQ module (#57)
  • Core code split from modules and into PSR-4 compliant folder structure
  • Site un-submoduled in Git and merged into master
  • Improve how omnisearch results are displayed
  • Improved page loading using HTML5's prefetch (#191)
  • Improved page display for handheld devices


  • #113: "Could not find the forum posts you requested for topic ID ..." error when viewing threads
  • #114: Downloads management buttons visible to non-maintaiers
  • #120: New Forum Posts search results triggers fatal error when logged out
  • #123: New Forum Posts menu item showing when logged out
  • #124: Link Facebook account buttons confused (showing when already linked)
  • #147: Recaptcha form display errors
  • #150: Locomotive and loco class sightings broken
  • #174: Set asset as cover photo not working as expected
  • #176: IP Lookup from post edit fails
  • #186: Forum post search results show page 0
  • #196: Incorrect forum permissions list
  • #197: Incorrect user groups URL
  • #204: SphinxQL error in News topic
  • #206: News index showing unapproved articles
  • #207: News article edit+approve chain
  • #209: Incorrect usergroups permissions
  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne
Hi everyone,

With the new servers we've released a new version of Railpage!

New features

New Photos module, with massive improvements over the (previously unloved) Flickr module.
  • Recent additions
  • Photo of the Week
  • Search by country, region, decade, user, keyword
  • Photos by location
  • Photo collections - curated by site staff
  • Most viewed photos
  • Statistics, including camera models, lenses, most photographed locomotive, etc

In addition to the Photos module, we are releasing the Photo Competitions module! Each month we'll have competitions based on a theme. Currently, photos hosted on Flickr and SmugMug are accepted - as time progresses we will include more options, including uploading photos from your computer.

We are also trialling a new site notifications feature, which replaces the PM alert in the top-right corner. In addition to telling you if you have new PMs available, it will tell you if there are responses to your subscribed threads. You can enable it under the experimental account preferences.


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