DH72 heading south to join DH37 in Walhalla

  walhallarail Locomotive Fireman

The Walhalla Goldfields Railway has been successful in purchasing another DH locomotive for it's stable. DH37 was delivered to Walhalla in November 2010 and is now stored on a section of 3'6" in Walhalla yard awaiting re-gauging.

In March 2012, DH72 and spare parts were offered for sale by tender. The Walhalla Goldfields Railway was successful with their bid and DH72 will shortly join its sister in Walhalla and will be stored until funds are available to re-gauge to 2'6". DH72 is currently in Mackay and will be transported to Walhalla as soon as possible. In addition to DH72, the Walhalla Goldfields Railway purchased a substantial quantity of space parts for the locomotives.

The DH class of locomotive is well suited to the requirements of the Walhalla Goldfields Railway as they possess a high tractive effort combined with the ability to negotiate sharp curves and steep grades. The two DH locomotives will become the backbone of the railway's locomotive fleet when is service due to their standardised original build, maintenance and operation. Puffing Billy's two DH locomotive have proven to be very good locos in service and the Walhalla Goldfields Railway is encouraged by their positive results. Both DH37 and DH72 will enable the Walhalla Goldfields Railway to expand it passenger capacity and underpin the railway's expansion plans towards Erica.

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  NeonFart Beginner

Great to see at least one T&H org doing well. Any ideas about time frames for re-gauging each of the DHs?
  Adogs Chief Train Controller

Great to see at least one T&H org doing well. Any ideas about time frames for re-gauging each of the DHs?


Depends when they can find the cash.

From what I understand, the first DH they bought wasn't their first choice.  The one they originally wanted to buy was in better condition and was withdrawn from sale - is that the same one they've bought now?
  walhallarail Locomotive Fireman

Back in late 2010, MMY37 [DH37], MMY45 [DH45], DH72 and DH73 were offered for sale by QR. This group was the last 4 DH locomotives owned by QR, however both DH37 and DH45 had been sub-leased to other sections of QR and had been officially designated "track machines" for their last years of operations [hence the MMY numbering]. At the time, the Walhalla Goldfields Railway bid for all 4 locomotives simply using the theory that if we weren't on the team, we weren't in the game. Our bids were rather low given we're not flush with funds...what T&H group is? Both DH37 and DH45 were considered to be in poorer condition that DH72 and DH73, however they were far from junk. We were very surprised to win the bid for DH37 and this loco has proved to be in far better condition that it's rusted appearance would let on. Don;t judge a book by its cover. We got a bargain. DH72 was withdrawn from sale for unknown reasons and we asked QR to keep us informed if this loco was to come onto the market again. As it happened, back in mid 2010, the WGR's "Strategy & Business Plan" clearly identified that the DH class of locomotive was ideally suited to the requirements of the Walhalla railway and it was fortuitous that the last 4 DHs became available within a matter of weeks of the report. Even better was our success with DH37 so soon after the report. When DH72 was returned to sale we were advised and once again we bid...again with a very conservative figure...nothing ventured, nothing gained! We're [once again] extremely pleased to have been successful. We also managed to secure a range of spare parts. Having two locos of the same class with standardised operation, maintenance and parts will be a boon for future operations. The fact that the railway has two loco actually helps with funding for re-gauging. As a project, the scale of the program has real depth for employment and trainning programs. We are currently working with various agencies to progress this. Obviously, there will be many more hurdles to cross, however we're confident that these two DH locomotives will be in service sooner rather than later. We are very please to have two DHs in our stable of locos and look forward to them providing many years of service on our spectacular mountain railway.

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