Some routes/trains not working

  woodford Chief Commissioner

You've got a problem with a signal, from memory the error.......

Error: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Basicly means theres a an object mentioned in the the world file that does not exist in another file.

The version of OR you are using 1648 is now quite old versions around this time did have a problem with the start signal (near the signal box from memory) at Seymour. The OR devs did explain to me what the error was but I cannot rememeber it now.

Try the latest version found at

There are a number of options now OR has that makes the Seymour route, one allows all objects on the tiles viewd to be loaded regardless of LOD value, the stops objects from appearing right in front of you. The second one can now increase the viewing distance, this one can be tuned to the frame rate.

This latter item absolutely makes Russels Seymour route as one can then see the hills approaching and on either side of the route.
When you come over the hills around Donnybrook one can see the range north of Wallan.


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  X'Trapolis-904M Deputy Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
I Still have errors
  woodford Chief Commissioner

I Still have errors
You need to give more information, its not possible to work out what s wrong with the above.

When requesting help with a problem with OR putting up a copy of the log file is a must.

What are you trying to do, what is the consist, have you tried different startng points.

Also in case of Russels Seymour route what version do you have, the version of Steam4me is NOT the latest version and DOES have errors in the signalling script.

The latest versions file name is "CVW AU VR NE Mainline.exe" and is 253 meg in size and it does not currently appear to be availible, and it does work OK in OR on my system.

Russel does not allow this to be put up on a website without his permission but he does allow it to be sent between people, from the routes Docs...........

"Freeware, trade and copy at your leasure. The only conditions I place are DON'T SELL THIS ROUTE via any medium and it is NOT to be hosted on any website without my permission."
I am currently unsure about the website provision, I asked him recently if I could modify and extend this route and put it up on the net and he said that would be OK on any of his freeware items.


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