McCloy lays out own rail plan


News article: McCloy lays out own rail plan

LIGHT rail down the centre of Hunter Street.

  Newcastle Express Chief Commissioner

LIGHT rail down the centre of Hunter Street.

That's the vision of Newcastle lord mayor Jeff McCloy, who delivered his proposal in writing yesterday to Treasurer Mike Baird.

Mr Baird, who unveiled the O'Farrell government's plans for a Newcastle CBD light rail system in last week's state budget, was in Newcastle for talks on the project.

To illustrate his ideas, Cr McCloy pointed to artwork done for a 2010 Newcastle City Council revitalisation project, which said "a well-planned and reliable light rail system" is what this city needed.
McCloy lays out own rail plan

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But McCloy is prohibited from talking and/or debating non-council issues. This is a state issue.

It was voted seven-to-six recently by the NCC councillors that any talking and/or debating issues not directly related to council are banned "indefinitely".

Makes McCloy a hypocrite doesn't it? He should practise what he preaches.

But it also shows what we believe developer McCloy IS really after.

PS: Brad Hazzard has already given himself an "out" if someone (such as a developer) twisted his arm strong enough, then he would consider selling the rail land.

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