February 2014 AMRM now available

  hosk1956 Deputy Commissioner

Location: no where near gunzels
Just fired-off an email to AMRM (Letter to the Editor)....we'll see if they publish it in the next issue....

Nothing sinister, just a modelling suggestion in relation to one of the great articles in this issue.


Bloody good suggestion, Roachie! I was wondering how to solve that problem myself...
Will definitely appear in the Mailbag section of the April issue.

- Lambing Flat

C'mon fella's, are you conspiring to tease us or is this just a lurk to make sure we will buy the next issue?  Smile

My first subscribed issue arrived on our hottest day, poor postman Sad  lucky me  Smile, too hot to do any modelling but lovely to read with a cool drink in hand (and the air conditioner on of course).


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