MSTS NSW 90 Class... Coming Soon!!!

  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

G'day everyone Smile

Here is the first taste of my new model, now before anyone ask... Yes, this model is being made completely from scratch

I have decided not to use the NSW 90 Class available on the MSTS Forums For Australia by Marek Lemow because when imported into Train Sim Modeler from the 3ds file it appeared to have Xs on the faces which I couldn't fix so I began to build a completely new model from scratch using Marek's NSW 90 Class model as a guide template

I do wish to take Marek Lemow for allowing me to use his original NSW 90 Class model and making them available for modellers to finish off Smile

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  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

More parts added, it's slowly getting there SmileSmileSmileSmile(^_^)

  superheatedsteam Deputy Commissioner

Location: Perth, WA
Looking good Phil.  

Don't thank me though. You're the one who originally posted the plans at MSTS Forums For Australia and gave me a couple of days of diversion. I found it a fun model to build.
  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Thanks Marek SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

I have just added abit more details to the 90 Class body, I plan to add mirrors, doors and more
No, there will be no animated doors these doors are just for the motor repair access Wink

The 'Brown' colour bits are the grills and the light shaded 'Black' is for an alpha channel part so you can see the inside
details there 'When I get around to it' lol Razz

I have also fixed the cab with the handrail and not sure what the other part is for... Maybe 'Fuel intake'???

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