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London's Tube systems offers multiple redundancies to the traveller if one or another route is closed for some reason. It also allows the opportunity to connect to different parts of the city and the various National Rail originating stations; and its success lies in the fact that it links major trip generators as we should be aspiring to emulate here.  Green-fields sites are good to contemplate for future development but not at the expense of existing need-

As someone mentioned earlier they're not closing off half of London to construct the Crossrail project (from east to west); why is the construction of a metro line linking the north and south of Melbourne's CBD such a hard thing for Napthine and company to contemplate building?

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  HardSleeper Junior Train Controller

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Honestly, neither Liberal, nor Labour, nor National and certainly not the Green Party are in the least bit indebted to developers or builders. And it's misinformed (or possibly deliberately misleading) to imply that any of them are.

For at least 20 years, any politician that smelt even slightly of that sort of thing would have been exposed and publicly humiliated, both in the media and by their political opponents.

The only dodgy thing in the building industry is one of the more militant building unions using a drug dealing bikie gang as enforcers and standover merchants. But, to it's credit, the Labour Party has distanced itself from this sort of thing and not even the Libs seriously believe that the dodginess of an ALP affiliated union is transferred to the parliamentary Labour Party.

So unless you are a certifiable conspiracy theorist (complete with tin foil hat), please STOP implying that political parties in Victoria are corrupt.

I'm not at all implying that anything illegal is going on. But you must be seriously naive if you think that the sorts of people who for example pay $22000 pa to be members of the Joe Hockey re-election club only ever talk about the weather. If I was donating that sort of cash, I'd certainly want to make sure I got my monies worth...

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