Stations on the Trans Australian Railway

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It was not the Bureau of Meteorology but rather the Department of Civil Aviation Flight Service Unit which provided aeronautical services at Forrest including hourly weather observations. One of my former colleagues at the Dubbo Flight Service Unit in the 1980's was the last Flight Service Officer at Forrest, Gary Frost. West Australian Airways flew Perth - Kalgoorlie - Forrest - Ceduna - Adelaide twice a week each way, with passengers overnighting at Forrest. Full silver service with uniform waitresses provided breakfast and dinner in the dining room. RAAF Macchi training aircraft flying between Perth and Adelaide had to stop at Forrest to refuel.

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Now here is an imaginative use of a Transcontinental Railway Station.... I trust that they only serve premium lamb....

Could the trains also be used to transport crowds (and even their rigs/caravans?) to the Nullabor Muster? (see from 8:18 onwards)....

Apart from Cook and Rawlinna, are there any other stations on the line that could be used in a similar way to give paying pax a unique outback experience?

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