Intermittent short

  ARodH Chief Train Controller

Location: East Oakleigh, Vic
For awhile during operations of my layout everything appeared to be fine, but after periods of running from inner main to outer main or loop to outer going over a 3-way turnout upon setting it to straight through caused the train to stop before it reached the 3-way. Resetting the 3-way cleared the problem.
I mentioned this to Paul at Trainworld and we worked though the problem and came to the conclusion, there's something wrong with the 3-way. As I'd a spare, I pulled it out and....

remembered that this was the 20~ year old 3-way that younger me tried to do something with on my old layout, as at the time I couldn't get my hands on insulated joiners and blah blah...

I think motion caused it to sink a bit on the foam trackbed and the loose wires touched, causing a short, the action of resetting moved the wires back to where the should be.

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