Vline running 5 car sprinters

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referring to Kuldalai's post earlier;

2-car V'L would be fine also for Bendigo - Echuca and Ballaarat - Ararat.

In any case it won't happen; too much trouble to retain 2-car sets among all those 3 car sets.

4-car sets would make a lot of sense on all sorts of fronts, except that it would demonstrate the flawed thinking that contributed to recent design of fuel points and yards. Can't have that, can we!

Going back to the original topic; those 5-car Sprinters. We recently calculated the number of things that can fail while working in that configuration.

Take the number of driving cabs (10), multiply by the wheels (8 on each of those 5 cars equals 40); you get a sub-total of 400.

Add on the number of trailing vehicles (4) plus the number of intermediate couplers in use (8); that gives the second sub-total of 12.

Finally, add up the two sub-totals (12 plus the earlier 400). That gives 412, the Victorian gunzel's favourite number!

How often do they fail in real life though, I have been on Sprinters many times between Seymour and Southern cross an I only know of two failures and one of those was a unit running out of fuel and thats a usage issue. The other failure was an engine shut down on accelarating out of Kilmore East.The units themselves are built for high relaibilty in normal operations. There would be a good chance that most faults would be electrical though. Inspite of much long exerience a lot of manufacturuers of industrial equipment seem to find it difficult to build really reliable electrical systems.


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  woodford Chief Commissioner

It is amazing how V/Line think they can run a railway without running a railway!

The adding and removal of coaches leads to a far more efficient use of assets as they are deployed on a demand basis.


Its done all the time though, the Vlocity's are designed to be used as sets of cars and are routinely coupled to make larger sets. Note the minimum Vlocity config IS 2 cars, so a train came keep, going if a single engine fails. For spinters, the minimum config is a single car as each single vehicle has 2 engines transmissions and electrical power generation and these are routinely used in up to 5 car sets. Note VLIne HAS run single car sprinters, the first service from Seymour to Melbourne on Sunday used to be a single car Sprinter, (Well it always  was when I traveled on it).

There is a problem though with the N series cars, if a consist it changed operational rules states it has to go back to maintence to get all the systems checked, as a consequence its not done much these days, as i have previosuly stated this is NOT an issue with the VLocity's or Sprinters, these autmaticaly test all systems on coupling.

A comment may be made here, "gee flaming OC health and safety, what a nanny state". The problem with this though is the days are long gone when it did not matter if lower parts of society were killed by the syatem.


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