MSTS/OpenRails - JJR AU Railway Level Crossing Pack

  savy3801 Banned

Location: Gold Coast - QLD
Long time no post in 7 years.

Although this is very old news from early 2016. However I thought I'd share here too that my prototype Australian Railway Level Crossing pack for 'EXPERIENCE ROUTE BUILDERS" are available to download from the Coals To Newcastle site.

The PDF file has the manual to help how to construct them and to configure them onto the routes on MSTS and Open Rails.
Will have a v2 update in the future with more shape files to suit every state/territory. this one covers NSW and QLD, Steam era and Semi-Modern era.

Many thanks,
Josh Russell

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  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller


Josh Russell aka savy3801 was only informing the MSTS/Open Rails community on information regarding his level crossing models that he released some time ago and you banned him for NO REASON!!

Gees, I guess if I wanted to post information about a new model release I'd suppose I'll get banned too "I'm best off NOT saying a word then or maybe never release any new models to keep Australian MSTS alive considering it being dead for the past few years"
  SavyIsJoshoArts Station Staff

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

No need to worry. Already messaged you on the MSTS Forums For Australia Forums. Wink
Anyways, I will release a v2 in the future for those who are Experienced Route builders.

Happy Simming. Cool

Best Regards,

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