Canberra tram vandalised

  theanimal Chief Commissioner

You would have thought that there would have been security on the tram?

ust a day after it was brought into the capital under cover of darkness, Canberra's first tram has been vandalised. The shiny new tram carriage was shipped over from Spain last month and then given a police escort into the capital in the early hours of Wednesday morning. But, on Thursday, authorities confirmed the tram had been "targeted by graffiti vandals" that same night. The ACT government was expected to unofficially unveil the tram in the coming weeks, the first of 14 slated to run on the 12km city to Gungahlin corridor. The government is spending $65 million on the fleet, with each tram 33 metres long and able to carry 207 people. The graffiti was to be removed from the tram on Thursday afternoon. Canberra Metro chief executive Glenn Stockton called the vandalism disappointing. "Of greater concern is that members of the community have accessed a live construction site, which puts them and others at risk," he said.

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  Nightfire Minister for Railways

Location: Gippsland
Inside job !

Someone In the know, who Is opposed to the tram / light rail development.
  Dangersdan707 Chief Commissioner

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Jesus, Are they going to mess with the track next?

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