I need help to export my models into TS2019

  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Okay, I have created models for MSTS using Train Sim Modeler in the past but I am now trying to export them for use in Train Simulator 2019 (TS2019)

I do have 3ds Max 2019, but all the plugins that came with TS2019 are for 3ds Max 7 which I seriously doubt that they will work if I can figure out where to install the plugins wherever they are meant to be installed to because I can't seem to find any information of where to install plugins for 3ds Max such as the direct folder path or anything ?

So I've finally found the Blender exporter from UK Train Sim, thank goodness for that! But from the documentation that I had to download makes NO sense to me as it doesn't clearly explain much if it did I wouldn't be here asking for help

First thing I need to know, do all parts need to be parented to the main object like in MSTS for animations to work? What are the entire list of part names for the main object to bogies, pantographs, wheels, couplers, wipers, arms or what ever they are called as I can't find any part name list anywhere

Do I need to 3d model a 3d cabview or can TS2019 or lower version allow the use of 2d cabviews like in MSTS? How will I also be able to use my own sound set files? How will I be able to set up different road numbers for the rolling stock like in Trainz Simulator?

Does TS2019 or lower versions require reference part names for lights, smoke, effects all of those sort of things like for MSTS?

When the time comes how will I be able to distribute my models? As long as I work it out! If only there was Australian rolling stock and routes for this damn game it is driving me insane HA HA HA LaughingLaughingLaughing I probably would need more information but this is all I can think of at this stage, if only it was easy to add models to this game like MSTS then I would have released my models for TS2019 about a month ago

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  superheatedsteam Deputy Commissioner

Location: Perth, WA
Hi Phil,

Are you using the Blender exporter from http://jujumatic.free.fr/

If so, I had a quick look through the manual and it appears to be well documented and answers a number of your questions.

I don't have Trainsim installed on my computer any more so I cant offer much more assistance in this matter.

You may also want to post over at UK Trainsim as there is a larger Train Simulator community over there.


  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Cheers, Marek Smile I found the exporter for Blender on UK Trainsim and downloaded it, but I didn't even know I had it on my back up drive months before I officially brought TS2019 HA HA HA HA Laughing I simply forgot!

I will check up with the user's on UK Trainsim forums for their help SmileSmile

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